FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


When can I expect to hear about the acceptance of my abstract?

ISSUP and ICUDDR should contact you by March/April to notify you about your abstract submission.

Is financial assistance available for participants whose abstracts are accepted for the Thessaloniki 2024?

Unfortunately not. Speakers must cover their expenses for their participation.


Are there any scholarship opportunities available? 

Funding applications are now closed and only the self-pay option is now available.

Programme Information

When does the Thessaloniki 2024 start and end?

Most training sessions and side events start on Monday, the 24th of June and end on the 28th of June. The Thessaloniki 2024 Plenary Sessions are from Wednesday, the 26th of June to the 28th of June. 

In what language is the meeting presented?

All training sessions will be in English. As for the Plenary sessions, the official language is English, with Spanish interpretation available. 

What are the Covid-19 rules?

There are no restrictions at the moment - we are monitoring this closely.

Will WiFi be available for attendees in the convention centre?

Yes. WiFi will be available.

Will any food or refreshments be available during the event?

Yes. Lunch will be provided at the Venue.


When will registration for the Thessaloniki 2024 open?

Register for the event here.

Do I have to be a Member of ISSUP to attend the meeting?

Yes, you have to be a member of ISSUP to attend the meeting. If you are not already a member, you will automatically join when you register for the event.

Training Sessions

When will I find out if I've been selected for the training I registered for?

Our training partners will review all applications during February and will be contacting participants during April and May.

Is travel funding provided for participants selected for the training?

There are no more slots for travel funding.

Venue and Travel

How can I attend on a self-pay basis?

The event is free of charge. Please make sure you register for the event and visit our Planning Your Trip page to plan your trip.

Where can I stay in Thessaloniki?

We have some suggestions on our Planning Your Trip page.

How do I get to the event?

You can find some options on how to get around the city on our Getting Around the City page

What is the proper dress code for the event?

We recommend wearing business casual attire that's comfortable, considering the warm weather and potential walking distance to the venue.

Virtual Attendance

There won´t be a virtual event, but the sessions will be recorded and available from September on the ISSUP Website.

VISA Information

ISSUP is not responsible for any process to obtain a VISA to participate in the event, however, if you require an official confirmation letter for personal arrangements, please log in into your ISSUP account and go to 'My ISSUP', where you will find a 'Download ISSUP Thessaloniki 2024 confirmation letter' link in the 'My Membership' section.

Click here to have useful information about VISA.


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