Educational Needs in the Sphere of Addictology in Georgia


The purpose of the report provided here is to assess drug education needs in Georgia and, specifically, to reveal the gaps on the different levels of the system of education (public schools, universities’ relevant Bachelor’s and Master’s courses, the system of lifelong education for teachers, school psychologists, addictologists, journalists, etc.), as well as in the service-providing organisations. Besides assessing and identifying the drug education needs, the report proposes a set of recommendations focused on responding to the needs that are revealed.


The report is based on the results of research that included a desk review of the structure of the education system and the current international regulations and standards in place, as well as a review of the system for the provision of services. In-depth interviews were conducted with teachers and faculty members working in the education system and staff members of the related services. The data collection was performed in March-April, 2010. 


The study reveals that there is a lack of trained professionals in the field of addictology in the country; this is especially true regarding managers, physicians, psychologists, lawyers and social workers engaged in the drug healthcare field. The study also reveals that there are no efficient mechanisms of addictology education in place in the country. Study programmes (with different formats, scales and frames) should be developed in all the segments of the system of education in Georgia.

Kirtadze, I., Otiashvili, D., & Javakhishvili, D. J. (2011). Educational Needs in the Sphere of Addictology in Georgia.
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