Translation and Adaptation of Readiness to Change to Urdu Language


1.Dr. Anila Sadaf (⚑ Pakistan) 1

2.Ms. Urba Sadaat (⚑ Pakistan) 2

3.Ms. Beenish Shahzad (⚑ Pakistan) 1

4.Ms. Shanza Kaynat (⚑ Pakistan) 1

5.Mr. Muhammad Abdullah Khan (⚑ Pakistan) 1

1. National University of Modern Languages Pakistan, 2. National University of modern Languages


In this study, we explore the translation of Readiness to Change scale into Urdu to produce a culturally sensitive instrument for measuring an individual’s inclination toward positive behavior changes. The primary consideration was linguistic accuracy and cultural relevance, thus promoting the scale's usefulness in both clinical practice and research among Urdu-speaking communities.

Employing a systematic methodology, the translation process unfolded across five key stages: (i) the forward translation-that is, initiating translation of the Readiness for Change Scale into Urdu; (ii) common translation synthesis-the work of a number of translators produced a unified Urdu version: (iii) backward translation-making sure that in this process the actual representation of the original language is not lost; (iv) expert committee review, carried out by a panel of experts who evaluated the translated instrument for cultural appropriateness and linguistic accuracy; as well as (v) pre-final testing, which was administering the translated schedule to an identified sample population in order to identify possible adjustments.

So equipped, the Urdu version of the Readiness for Change Scale can be used to identify how ready an individual is to begin transforming his or her behavior patterns. It also provides cross-cultural psychology with a carefully translated psychological measure that considerably increases the accuracy of readiness assessments among a Urdu-speaking population. The adapted scale offers hope that we can better understand the dynamics of behavioral change in light of the particular cultural environment that exists in Pakistan.

Keywords: Translation, Readiness to Change, Cultural Adaptation, Pakistan

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