The International Society of Substance Use Professionals in Argentina - ISSUP Argentina invites you to join. Membership is free! Apply today and begin to receive the benefits outlined below.

To become a member of ISSUP you must be:

A student, volunteer or professional in the field of substance use prevention / treatment, or other health related and well-being fields, e.g. Teacher, Social Worker, Youth Worker, Police, etc.

There are three levels of membership: Standard member, Advanced member and Student member.  See the full criteria for joining ISSUP

All ISSUP Members must accept ISSUP’s ethical principles.

Benefits of membership:

  • Being signed up to a code of ethics which demonstrates your professionalism
  • Ability to demonstrate membership within a professional field of work
  • Share your work or know how within our Knowledge Share
  • Receive invitations to attend the annual ISSUP event with member benefits
  • Use the ISSUP logo as part of your CV/professional profile
  • Access to news of relevant job opportunities
  • Opportunity to network with other professionals in the field
  • Entry into ISSUP’s unique list of Substance Use Prevention and Treatment members

Apply now! Complete the online application form and after a review by our membership committee you will be informed about your ISSUP Argentina membership.

Apply to join ISSUP Argentina