About ISSUP Brazil

The National Chapter of ISSUP will be hosted by Freemind Mobilization. It will have a board of directors composed of all Organisations, Institutions and others that share ISSUP’s mission. It will have an executive body with 5 professionals.

In 2018, we will not charge membership fees  for joining ISSUP Brazil.

Board of Directors:

  • Board Coordinator
  • 2 from the Health area
  • 2 from the area of Justice and Security
  • 3 from Education and Research
  • 1 from Culture and Sports
  • 2 from Family and Spirituality
  • 2 from Communication and Social Assistance
  • 3 from the 3rd Sector
  • 1 from Federal Government

Executive Body:


Paulo Martelli - General Coordinator

​​​​José Eduardo Martelli - Board Coordinator

José Eduardo Martelli - Board Coordinator

 Father Haroldo Rahm - Honorary President of the Board

Father Haroldo Rahm - Honorary President of the Board


Samuel Bettiol - Digital Platform Manager


Gisele do Carmo - Secretary

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