Membership of ISSUP Nigeria Chapter shall be with a minimum academic qualification of national diploma or equivalent in relevant fields of study. Non diploma holders credentialed by Global Centre for Credentialing and Certification (GCCC) or any other recognized credentialing institute may be admitted into ISSUP Nigeria membership with approval by the executive council. Persons with non relevant academic qualifications may be admitted by the executive council if such persons have acquired cognate experience with evidence of work done in the field. Students studying relevant courses in higher institutions of learning may also be admitted as student members after submitting application for requisite approval.


Membership Categories

There shall be six categories of membership. This will be reviewed periodically by the executive council.

  1. Student
  • This shall be students in higher institutions of learning and studying relevant courses in the field of Drug Demand Reduction. Students’ membership shall be free until after graduation. After graduation, student members shall have 2 years grace period to upgrade their status and pay membership/renewal fees accordingly. Failure to do so will lead to automatic deregistration and such individual will have to apply again to become a professional member of the association.
  • Student members shall not have voting rights and are not eligible to stand for elective positions in any of ISSUP operational formations. However, members who are in school but have been upgraded to other levels by reason of years of experience in the field, trainings and certification are exempted from the student category. Any member outside student members has the right to upgrade status after meeting the criteria with no extra cost to the individual.
  1. Standard

     Standard members are those who have:

  • Less than 10 years of experience in the field of drug demand reduction
  • No relevant academic qualifications or less than a first degree in relevant fields
  • Not credentialed by GCCE or any other recognized credentialing institute
  • Not lecturing in relevant fields or less than 5 years of lecturing
  • Less than five (5) academic journal articles in relevant fields
  1. Advanced
  • More than 10 years experience in the field of drug demand reduction or at least 5 years of lecturing in relevant fields with a minimum of five (5) academic journal articles in relevant fields/topics
  • Holds at least first degree in relevant fields with at least 5 years experience
  • Not credentialed by GCCE or any other recognized credentialing institute or operational activities may not require credentialing
  1. Certificate

These are members with a minimum of national diploma certificate in any field, has accumulated a          minimum of 120 credit hours of education/training and certified by GCCE or any other recognized credentialing bodies. The executive council may admit certificate members with less than national diploma into this category after due consultations.

  1. Honorary

Honorary members are those who:

  • Are above the age of 60 years
  • Were heads or supervisors of relevant drug control agencies, parastatals, departments, institutions or rose to the position of a director with evidence of contributions to the field of drug demand reduction while occupying such positions. This will also include persons outside these categories who have made significant contributions either through NGO, policy drive, advocacy, donations, or in other major ways to the field of drug demand reduction.

Honorary members:

  • Shall be financial members
  • Shall not hold any executive position but can be appointed into the board of trustees or advisory board as the case may be.
  1. Corporate Membership

In addition to these categories of individual membership, there shall be corporate membership. Corporate members shall be institutions that want to identify with the association with high level of integrity and vetted by relevant organizations. The executive council shall from time to time decide on the criteria for corporate membership.



In addition to the categories of membership, there shall be fellows. This is a class of distinguished individuals with exceptional contributions to the field of drug demand reduction. It shall be a mark of recognition for excellence and will be bestowed on deserving individuals by the Board of Trustees through the recommendation of the executive council.


ISSUP Nigeria Chapter provides a forum for professionals in the field of substance use prevention, treatment, recovery and research the opportunity to interact, collaborate and establish partnership. It is a forum to share latest information, trend and research opportunities in relation to substance use and the promotion of evidence-based prevention and treatment interventions among its members. The Association also provides training and credentialing opportunities, events and programs for members at State, Zonal, National and International levels. Joining the Nigerian Chapter of ISSUP means a high level interest in the latest information and opportunities in substance use, prevention, treatment, recovery, research and its related problems. Specific membership benefits include the following:

  1. Being signed up to a code of ethics which demonstrates Professionalism;
  2. Ability to demonstrate membership within a professional field of work;
  3. Playing a part in strengthening the profession and the cause of evidence-based practice;
  4. Invitations to attend the annual and other ISSUP events with member benefits, which includes full sponsorship;
  5. Receive letter of attestation/recommendation from the national chapter to ISSUP global or other international associations affiliated to ISSUP
  6. Use the ISSUP logo as part of members’ CV/professional profile;
  7. Access to news of relevant job and other professional opportunities;
  8. Opportunity to network with other professionals in the field in Nigeria and Globally;
  9. Certificate of membership reflecting status as an ISSUP Honorary Member, Certificate Member, Advanced Member, Standard member, Associate Member or Student Member;
  10. Technical support and capacity building to enhance members’ work on substance use prevention, treatment, recovery and research, for effective and efficient service delivery.




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