About ISSUP Pakistan

ISSUP Pakistan aims to address the growing issue of substance use in Pakistan by establishing a platform of professional individuals and organizations working in the field of substance use treatment, recovery and prevention. This platform will be utilized to share international standards of evidence-based treatment and prevention practices, events, workshops. Research will be conducted to educate members under this platform and also to gather data on the current situation of treatment and prevention practices in Pakistan. Under the supervision of Global ISSUP, ISSUP Pakistan will:

  • Bring the members of the society together periodically in a multidisciplinary environment of professional exchange;
  • Bring members in contact with addiction professionals from various parts of Pakistan and other countries for sharing knowledge;
  • Hold conferences and meetings for presentation of scientific and technical papers and discussions;
  • Arrange lectures by recognized national/international scholars for young professionals and the general public;
  • Facilitate research in the different disciplines of substance use disorders;
  • Encourage SUD studies in relation to its importance in educational institutions;
  • Develop and train young professionals/students by giving scholarships/cost sharing and by identifying courses/trainings in addiction sciences at the national and international level;
  • Publish journals, newsletters, or any other scientific or professional publications; under the direction of an Editorial Board appointed by the Executive Council;
  • Confer awards on scholars for outstanding contributions in the general area of addiction sciences;
  • Undertake advocacy and offer advice on critical policy issues;
  • Collaborate with other national and international organizations pursuing similar goals;
  • To work for the solution of addiction professionals problems; and
  • To hold annual General Body Meetings to discuss recent advances through conferences, symposia/seminars/workshops in the field of SUD.  


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