3rd national youth convention, jointly organised by ISSUP Pakistan Chapter, Youth Forum Pakistan and Ripha International University, Faisalabad Campus




ISSUP Pakistan Chapter

Youth Forum Pakistan (For Drug Use Prevention)

Riphah International University, Faisalabad Campus

VANUE: Riphah International University Faisalabad, Punjab








ISSUP-Pakistan Chapter


Ms. Saima Asghar,

(Director ISSUP-Pakistan chapter)

Mr. Muhammad Aslam

(Founder/Advisor Youth Forum Pakistan)

Dr. Sajid Iqbal Alyana

(Assistant Professor, Riphah International University Faisalabad Campus)                                                                         

PROGRAM DATE:  January 15th, 2022

PROGRAM VENUE: Riphah International University, Faisalabad, Campus      


3rd National Youth Convention (NYC) is one of the biggest Youth development programs for Pakistani Youth. Every Year Youngsters including Young Professionals from all over the Pakistan participated in this Convention. They interact with each other and engage in efficient learning activities that facilitate their knowledge of indispensable Skills. They are also equipped with invaluable knowledge on life skills, peace and harmony, active Citizenship, Community Development, Disaster Management, Child abuse, Volunteerism and especially Substance use Prevention. This project is initiated by ISSUP-Pakistan Chapter in collaboration with Youth Forum Pakistan (For Drug Use Prevention). ISSUP-Pakistan Chapter organized 3rd National Youth Convention in collaboration with Youth Forum Pakistan and Riphah International University, Faisalabad Campus, on Saturday, January, 15, 2022. Program was announced around one month before the program on the ISSUP-Pakistan website. It was further share on social media platform to reach maximum number of youths. We also share flyer in different professionals’ group specially related to SUD prevention field. Our target participants were university and college students including Young Professionals. Interested candidates were instructed to register themselves on the website. More than 700 candidates registered via email and google form spread for registration. All the Youth Leaders of Youth Forum Pakistan were responsible for registration. Before the program online meetings were arranged with member advisory board, youth leader and presidents of Youth Forum Pakistan to finalize the program agenda and activities of the program. It was observed that all the member from all the provinces and cities of Pakistan take interest and gave valuable suggestions. Furthermore, meetings with administration of Riphah international University, Faisalabad campus were conducted on regular bases to finalize the program. The main objective of this was to engage the youngster to take interest and utilize their potential for the betterment of the society.

 Since 2019, ISSUP-Pakistan chapter and Youth Forum Pakistan is organizing National Youth Convention (NYC) in which youth from all over Pakistan participates. They interact with each other and engage in efficient learning activities that facilitate their knowledge of indispensable skills. They are also equipped with vital knowledge and enhance their leadership Skills by getting interaction with social leadership and learn about social issues and identify their role as Youth leader to work in community development. This convention, was attended by young leaders from different areas of Pakistan (Punjab 39%, Sindh 20%, KPK 11%, Baluchistan 16%, Gilgit Baltistan 8% and Azad Kashmir 6%).


The main objectives of the 3rd National Youth Convention (NYC) were,

  • To build Capacity of the Youth to work with community to promote Health, quality-of-life and Psycho-logical well-being.
  • To make a significant and meaningful contribution toward the social and economic betterment of Pakistan through development of these human resources.
  • To empower Youth by creating a new force of volunteers and active citizens who could assist organizations, movements and whole communities in positive social change.
  • Establish task forces that include Youth and Non-Governmental organizations to develop educational and awareness program specifically targeted to the youth population on critical issues pertaining to youth.
  • To strengthens young people’s abilities to meet their own subsistence needs, to prevents and reduces vulnerabilities to economic, political and socially unstable environments
  • To ensure access for all youth to all types of education, wherever appropriate, providing alternative learning structures, ensure that education reflects the economic and social needs of youth.
  • Incorporate the concepts of environmental awareness and sustainable development throughout the curricula; and expand vocational training, implementing innovative methods aimed at increasing practical skills.
  • To put an attempt to locate the much-ignored Youth talent in Pakistan and to groom him/her as par his/her potential.


Program started with Registration and attendance of the Participants on Time and then formally started with the Recitation of Holy Quran by Mr. Mateen Ahmed, A student of Department of Psychology, Riphah International University, Faisalabad campus recites the verse from Holly Quran.

Naat was presented by Ms. Noreena Younus, MPhil Scholar at Department of Psychology, Riphah International University Faisalabad campus. Dr. Saleem Abbas HOD Psychology Department Member Advisory Board Youth Forum Pakistan He shared Welcome Note.   After this National Anthem was play and all the audience stand for it.

Program formally started with the opening remarks of Mr. Basheer Ahmad Naaz, President ISSUP Pakistan Chapter and Patron-in-Chief Youth Form Pakistan. He spoke about the role of the Universities, Educational Institutes, Teachers, Students and importance of the prevention programs in educational centers. He said that Youth are considered the future of any Society and a Country. Over 64 percent of the population of Pakistan is below the age of 30 years, one of the largest Young populations in the World. This can be turned into the greatest dividend for Pakistan if we are able to capitalize on it. He further added that lack of job opportunities, lack of Social Engagement, Unequal Education and Health facilities, coupled with Social injustices, outdated Traditions, and an exclusionary attitude of community and society towards the Youth are all turning this dividend into a ticking bomb. Young people’s dreams and aspirations to attain education and find respectable livelihoods turn into a nightmare. Therefore, the youth become frustrated when they do not find any hope for their future. They engaged themselves in unhealthy activities and became a threat for the society. Mr. Bashir Ahmad appreciates the efforts of university and thanked administration to take such initiative. He said that such programs should be organized on regular basis to protect the youth from unhealthy activities and to promote the drug free culture in universities and societies. He also shared future plans of ISSUP Pakistan and assured his full support for such programs.

After introductory remarks from Chairman ISSUP-Pakistan participants and guests were formally welcomed by Dr. Sajid Iqbal Alyana and Dr. Saleem Abbas. They welcome all the delegations came from all the provinces of Pakistan. They also thanked Mr. Bashir Ahmad Naz Chairman ISSUP-Pakistan, Ms. Saima Asghar, Director ISSUP-Pakistan chapter and Mr. Muhammad Aslam, Founder, Youth Forum Pakistan for giving them the chance to host this mega event. They also assured that such programs will be conducted in future as well.

Ms. Saima Asghar, Director ISSUP Pakistan Chapter presented the Introduction of ISSUP Global & ISSUP Pakistan. She highlighted the Aim and Objectives of ISSUP Global and ISSUP-Pakistan. She presented the working and Annual Report of ISSUP-Pakistan Chapter which were highly appreciated by the audience also share ISSUP Website with the audience to visit www.issup.net and to get more information and can apply for free Membership there to gat updated with SUD Prevention Treatment and Recovery support field. She stresses on the importance of prevention regarding substance use problems and said it is the need of time to aware society and help those suffering from Substance use problems. Ms. Saima said that Youth is the important pillar of the society and we have to give them right to education, empower them with skills, and provide job opportunities instead of ignoring them. She also thanked the youth came from all the provinces to attend this convention. She also thanked the administration of Riphah International University Faisalabad for all their assistance, Contribution and support to conduct this mega event.

 Mr. Muhammad Aslam, Founder & Advisor Youth Forum Pakistan (for Drug Use Prevention) President M A Jinnah Foundation/NGO presented the Introduction of Youth Forum Pakistan (For Drug Use Prevention) and its working. He said that Youth Forum Pakistan is the largest Youth lead organization which has Teams in all the Provinces and major Cities of the Pakistan. He said that Youth Forum Pakistan also has an advisory board which comprised the expert from the field of Drug demand reduction and education. The aim of the Youth forum Pakistan is to empower young leaders to play their role in making a drug free country and society. He said that Youth Forum is an organization of the youth by the youth and for the youth.

After the lecture Youth Forum Pakistan’s Team Sialkot conducted a learning activity to engage the participants in the program. Participants were asked some funny questions and they were provided the reward for correct answers. Audience took interest and make it a fun activity obviously the aim of this activity was learning with fun.

Dr. Mudassir Ahmad, Chairman, Riphah International University, Faisalabad Campus who was also the Chief Guest of the program addressed the audience opening Ceremony. He appreciated the work of ISSUP-Pakistan Chapter and Youth Forum Pakistan and Thanked them for choosing the Riphah International University as A venue for this mega event. He said that University will encourage and support such collaborative activities in future as well. He Thanked all the audience who came to University.  He said that we are living in a most intense period of social unrest, rapid economic, social, climatic and catastrophic changes, and individualism and identity crisis. Severe disparities and poor political and socioeconomic conditions may motivate frustrated and deprived young individuals to participate in violent and extremist activities. He also highlighted the role of education and educational institutions in the development of society.

Due to unfavorable weather conditions (intense fog and rain) Mr. Muhammad Ayub

Senior Advisor CPDAP couldn’t not reach to the venue due to the Fog and his lecture entitled “Science of Prevention” was missed. Mr. Sana Ullah Rathor, Director ISSUP Pakistan Chapter presented the “Drug Risk & Protective Factors”. His lecture was appreciated by the audience and they found it beneficial for them.

Dr. Talat Habib, National Trainer by CPDAP & UNODC was also remained stuck due to fog, however He makes to the venue and presented his lecture “Attitudinal Healing”. He explained the concept of Attitudinal healing and said that Attitudinal Healing is a practical method for healing that helps transform fears, such as judgment, blame, shame and self-condemnation, into the experiences of unity, self-empowerment and happiness. Attitudinal Healing is based on the practice of self-reflection for inner healing and self-development.

After this lecture Quiz was presented by Youth Forum Pakistan’s Team Lahore. They asked questions related to drugs to the audience and they were provided with award for correct answers. Audience took interest and gave answers to questions and got prizes from the Team Lahore.

Dr. Shahnawaz Dal, Senior Psychiatrist and Master trainer, WHO & UNODC presented his lecture on “Substance abuse among youth in Pakistan”. He presented the FACT AND FIGURES ABOUT THE PREVALENCE OF SUBSTANCE USE IN PAKISTAN. He also spoke about the reasons of substance abuse specially in Universities and Colleges and stressed on the need of prevention programs in educational institutes of Pakistan. Later on, he presented cultural gifts (Sindhi Ajrak and Caps) to the President ISSUP-Pakistan, Directors, Ms. Saima Asghar Director ISSUP Pakistan and other honorable guests including Youth representatives.

Dr. Abdullah Mudasir, Director Riphah International University Faisalabad Campus, presented the lecture on “YOUTH AND OUR FUTURE”. He stressed about the important role that youth can play for the positive change in the society. He also thanked Mr. Bashir Ahmad Naz, Ms. Saima Asghar and Mr. Muhammad Aslam and all the guests from all over Pakistan for making this event more beautiful.

Malik Abdul Rashid Kakkar, Member Advisory board Youth Forum Baluchistan and CEO Kuchlak welfare association represent the Baluchistan and spoke about the importance of such programs. He said that ISSUP-Pakistan was the first organization who conducted such mega event in Baluchistan last year.

Mr. Shahid Mehmood Youth Leader, Youth Forum team Gujranwala addressed the audience and presented the working and progress of youth forum team Gujranwala

Ms. Khizra Arif, Youth Leader, Youth forum Pakistan, team Multan presented the working and goals of team Multan

Ms. Ayesha Riaz, Youth leader, Youth forum Pakistan team Faisalabad spoke about the role of youth. She stresses on the role of youth can play for the betterment of society.

Play Script to engage the audience and to convey the message of importance of being drug free was presented by Youth forum Pakistan team Islamabad. Audience appreciated the performance and liked it.

After all these activities closing ceremony was conducted Mr. Bashir Ahmad Naz, President ISSUP-Pakistan and Pro. Dr. Mudasir Ahmad, Chairman Riphah International University Faisalabad Campus were Chief guests along with Dr. Abdul Rehman Director Youth Affairs.

They distributed the honorary Shields and Certificates to the Speakers and also to the Members advisory Board, Presidents’ Youth Forum Pakistan and other professionals in recognition of their services and work. The main attraction for all the teams were for the best youth leader of the year award. Certificates of participation were also distributed among all the attendees of 3rd National Youth Convention.

Ms. Sundas Sohail, Youth Leader, Karachi and Mr. Muhammad Shafiq Youth Leader Islamabad were announced as best Youth leaders of the Year, 2021. They were awarded with Shields and certificates for their services and hard work throughout the year.   

 Mr. Bashir Ahmad Naz presented the souvenir to Pro. Dr. Mudasir Ahmad from ISSUP-Pakistan chapter.

Pro. Dr. Mudasir Ahmad presented the souvenir to Mr. Bashir Ahmad Naz, Ms. Saima Asghar, Mr. Muhammad Aslam and all the guest-speakers from Riphah International University.

At the end Ms. Saima Asghar Thanked all the guest speakers, delegates, University administration and all the guests. She also appreciated the active participation of the audience and said that it was not easy to come and sit all the day in such cold weather. She addressed the audience and said that it was great to meet such wonderful audience. She congratulated the university administration and Chairman ISSUP-Pakistan chapter for organizing such a wonderful program.


  More than 150 Participants and Guests who came from the other Provinces and far Cities from Faisalabad were provided One and Some Two Nights Hotel accommodation in different Hotels of Faisalabad including Breakfast and Dinner on arrival.

REFRESHMENT:   Lunch/Buffet was also provided to all the participants and Guest.