Adfam Case Study Call: Inter-parental Conflict, Alcohol and Children

Adfam, Tavistock Relationships and OnePlusOne are working on a project aiming to reduce the impact of inter-parental conflict on children in families affected by alcohol misuse.

They are looking for parents, whose partner has had issues with alcohol dependency, to share their story and talk about how this issue affected them as a couple, led to conflict and impacted on their children.

This will inform the development of an online digital platform to support other families going through similar experiences.

The FAQ sheet explores the background of the project and addresses any questions participants may have.

Jose Luis Vazquez Martinez

Videoconferencia de la Dra. Brisa Gissel Monroy, presentada en el Instituto Nacional de Psiquiatría de México "Ramón de la Fuente Muñiz", el 16 de octubre de 2018.

Jose Luis Vazquez Martinez

NIDA explores in this video the intriguing similarities between the processes of brain development and computer programming.

Jose Luis Vazquez Martinez

Science tells us that the interactions between genes and environment shape human development. “Epigenetics” is an emerging area of scientific research that shows how environmental influences—including the experiences we provide for children—actually affect the expression of their genes.

Jose Luis Vazquez Martinez

The 2018 Monitoring the Future Survey (MTF) results show a dramatic spike in teen use of vaping - both nicotine and other drugs. The study also casts a shadow on the changing climate in teen’s perception of drug use, specifically recreational use of marijuana. In this video, NIDA Director, Dr.

An Introduction to Working with Families, Drugs and Alcohol

Event Date

This training is for any practitioner that works with adult family members affected by drug and/or alcohol misuse. The day will familiarise participants with the impacts of substance use within families, and will provide practitioners with a range of brief intervention techniques to be used within families.

    By the end of the training participants will be able to:

    • Recognise the potential impact of substance use on families.

    • Identify behaviours associated with someone who cares for a substance user.

    • Identify the work they undertake with family members and the types of interventions they currently use.

    • Identify the best ways families can support each other at various stages of the ‘Cycle of Change’.

    • Consider the effectiveness of brief interventions models and their use with family members.

    • Use the Blue Light model to support a family member of someone affected by problematic drug or alcohol use.

    • Consider how to utilise the techniques they have learned in their practice with families.

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    Esta publicación de Centros de Integración Juvenil (CIJ), de

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    El programa preventivo "Familias Fuertes: amor y límites" en Colombia sigue dando buenas señales de su eficacia, como lo muestra el informe publicado en julio del 2017.

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    Hay quienes se lamentan porque sus hijos no son comunicativos, pero habría que preguntarse si tal vez son los padres los que no propician aquellos espacios de diálogo, donde además de darles consejo, se debe guardar una actitud de escucha.

    Jose Luis Vazquez Martinez

    Entrevista de Crecer Feliz a Helena López-Casares (II), en la que esta entrenadora de líderes enseña a los padres a ejercer el liderazgo con sus hijos: dirigir, comunicar, motivar y poner límites. ¡Se puede aprender a educar!

    Adfam Survey: State of the Family Support Sector

    Adfam is running an important survey to examine the state of drug and alcohol family support sector and provide important data for Adfam’s advocacy and influencing work. The survey asks about funding, partnerships, and the kind of support being provided to families nationally.

    The survey can be completed by anyone who manages or works within a service supporting families affected by someone else’s drug or alcohol use. 

    This survey is open until Thursday 28 February 2019, after which point the findings will be written up into a report and disseminated nationally. 

    It will take around 15-20 minutes to complete.

    Jose Luis Vazquez Martinez

    “Everyone keeps telling me to ‘take care of myself’ while my child is struggling with substance use.

    Jose Luis Vazquez Martinez

    Si piensa que su hijo está usando drogas o alcohol, busque ayuda lo más pronto posible. Hable con su doctor o el consejero escolar de su hijo, busque información en el Internet, pero sobre todo, no pierda la esperanza.


    Jose Luis Vazquez Martinez

    Keeping kids safe from underage use of alcohol and misuse of prescription pain medications is a concern for many parents. Parents are encouraged to talk with their children early on and frequently in this public service announcement from SAMHSA’s “Talk.