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Parents - if you have kids who plan to go to college, they have a lot of things to look forward to: learning new subjects, making new friends, and becoming more independent. There will probably be some new challenges, too, and one of them may be related to drug use. NIDA Director, Dr.

Family-Based Intervention Program for Parents of Substance-Abusing Youth and Adolescents

The use of drugs among adolescents/youth often results in a high degree of distress for the family members who live with them. This in turn can lead to a deterioration of mental (psychological) health, hindering any attempt to successfully cope with the situation. The goal of our research was to study the effect of the Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) program on parents of adolescents/young adult drug users. Study volunteers (n = 50) were parents from Valencia (Spain) that were divided into two groups. The experimental group (n = 25) was made up of parents whose sons and daughters exhibited problems with drug use and the constructed noncausal baseline group (n = 25) was made up of parents whose sons and daughters did not show any substance abuse problems. For both groups, self-esteem (Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale), depression (BDI-II), anxiety (STAI), and anger (STAXI-II) were evaluated before and after the application of the CRAFT program. Results show a significant improvement in the experimental group’s self-esteem, depression, and anger state and a decrease in negative moods. These changes in parents produce a positive effect on their substance-using sons and daughters: of the 25 participants, 15 contacted specialized addiction treatment resources for the first time.

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Algo viejo pero mis primeras charlas sobre familia.

Jose Luis Vazquez Martinez

This kid-friendly video, produced by Addiction Policy Forum, explains how repeated substance use can hijack brain function, and the importance of delaying use until the brain has fully developed.

Jose Luis Vazquez Martinez

El objetivo del programa propuesto por Lares es facilitar herramientas y conocimientos para que las personas mayores, y más concretamente los abuelos y las abuelas, puedan influir en los menores, y más concretamente en los nietos y nietas, y fomentar en ellos una vid

Jose Luis Vazquez Martinez

El consumo de drogas en los jóvenes, es un problema muy grave en México, los adolescentes de 12 a 17 años, tienen en la marihuana, los inhalantes y la cocaína sus primeros contactos con los estimulantes, teniendo como posibles consecuencias la adicción y la depresión.

UNODC takes an active role in the 2019 Society for Prevention Research Annual Conference

UNODC participated at the Society for Prevention Research Annual Conference held in San Francisco, 28-30 May 2019. UNODC presented in total 3 posters, one on the development of fidelity checklists, in particular, to measure fidelity of the Universal Prevention Curriculum Delivery in Pakistan. A poster on Strong Families and the multisite pilot of an open sourced family skills programme which was designed for challenged and humanitarian settings was also presented. This poster included a research presentation at the event. In addition, a scientific poster on developing prevention through sports settings was introduced, specifically of a multi-site trial of a sports-based life skills programme for the prevention of drugs, crime, and violence amongst youth. 

As a panelist on the Society for Prevention Research Annual International Committee Roundtable, UNODC presented on how to link prevention science to practice through training substance use prevention professionals on evidence-based interventions and policies.

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Situación de abordaje, escucha, contención y acompañamiento para familiares afectados por el consumo de un familiar

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Con motivo del Día Mundial de la Salud Mental Participan la Dra. Silvia Ortiz, el Dr. José Javier Mendoza y la Dra. Claudia Fouilloux UNAM Global

Participate in Adfam Survey: Caring as a Result of Somebody Else's Substance Use

The purpose of this survey is to paint a better picture of what it is like to support someone with drug or alcohol problems. A clearer understanding of the issue will help the charity and social sector to effectively support you.  

You will be asked questions about how a loved one’s drug or alcohol problems have affected your life, what support you have found useful, and what support you would like to see made available.

We understand that relationships can blur when drug and alcohol is involved; you may provide day to day practical support to someone who misuses drugs or alcohol, or you may help care for their children. You may live with someone with substance use problems, or you may have very little contact with them. In any case, if you consider yourself to look after or contribute to looking after a loved one as a result of someone else's substance use, we want to know more about your experience, and we want to know how to help.

This survey will close on Friday 10 May.

Jose Luis Vazquez Martinez

When trying to figure out how to help your son or daughter struggling with substance use, one of the most helpful things to do is to understand why they’re using in the first place.

Jose Luis Vazquez Martinez

El Departamento de Psiquiatría y Salud Mental, de la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), transmitió el viernes 26 de abril de 2019, la sesión “Crianza y problemas de conducta en niños y adolescentes”. La ponente fue la Dra. Diana Guízar.

Jose Luis Vazquez Martinez

El apoyo familiar es fundamental en la recuperación de los hijos.

Jose Luis Vazquez Martinez

Si tenés la sospecha que tu hijo consume drogas, te brindamos estos pasos que debés considerar para llevar esta situación adecuadamente.

Jose Luis Vazquez Martinez

Scientist Nora D. Volkow fulfills an unlikely childhood dream to understand the brain. The World Science Festival and The Moth team up to bring to the stage scientists, writers and artists to tell stories of their personal relationships with science.

Recovery Connects 2019

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United Kingdom

The Recovery Collective are pleased to announce Scotland's first ever alcohol and drug-free festival Recovery Connects at Queen's Park Arena on Sunday 12th May!

Alongside an amazing line up of acts, the festival will also provide addiction, mental health and homelessness services, recovery communities and local social enterprises an opportunity to set up stalls to promote the work they do whilst also entertaining the crowd with a range of family-based activities. 

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