Welcome to the network area for discussions on Environment and Prevention Science!

James - 21 July 2020

Welcome everyone!

We invite you to take part in this discussion on environment and prevention science. Thank you for your perspectives and contributions


During the SPR 2020 conference, you are being invited to join an online discussion that focuses on how we as prevention science specialists will have to address the impact of environmental changes on our efforts to promote global health.  


This discussion is initiated as a collaboration between the SPR International Committee and EUSPR.  The planning committee of EUSPR has agreed to continue the development of these ideas and directions at the online virtual EUSPR conference in October 2020.  


To initiate these conversations, we have identified three broad topic areas for discussion and your insights.  Please share with us your ideas, identify resources that are relevant, and indicate your interests in our continuing these efforts as part of subsequent conferences sponsored by SPR and EUSPR.

Thank you for your perspectives and contributions.


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