августа 2019

Implementing Effective Systems of Care for Children, Youth, and Transition-Aged Youth with or At-Risk of SED in Rural Communities

Location: webinar, Соединённые Штаты Америки

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Submitted on вторник, июля 30, 2019 - 17:36
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NHS Вещество Злоупотребление Провайдеры Альянс конференции 2019

Location: Sheffield, Великобритания

NHS Substance Misuse Providers Alliance приглашает вас присоединиться к нам на конференции 2019 года в Университете Шеффилд Халлам 9 сентября 2019 года.

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Submitted on вторник, августа 6, 2019 - 11:04
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Nordic Youth Research Symposium (NYRIS) 14

Location: Aarhus, Дания

The lives of young people are still fundamentally precarious. Unemployment rates are still high; mental health problems among young people are still endemic and new forms of marginalization and social exclusion continue to be generated. 

Increasing numbers of young people are pushed to the edge of society; the difference between the powerful and the less powerful continues to widen and populist and nationalistic movements increasingly challenge established institutions and accepted understandings of democratic institutions.

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Submitted on среда, января 30, 2019 - 07:12
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Национальная конференция по расстройствам наркомании

Location: Baltimore

NCAD East является ведущим поставщиком непрерывного образования для специалистов в области наркомании, поведенческого и психического здоровья. Присоединяйтесь к клиницистам и руководителям и работайте над улучшением и совершенствованием ухода за пациентами, а также над развитием устойчивых и успешных организаций лечения.

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Submitted on вторник, марта 26, 2019 - 10:16
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The 22nd International Council on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety (ICADTS) Conference

Location: Edmonton, Канада

The City of Edmonton's Traffic Safety section is proud to host T2019, the 22nd International Council on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety (ICADTS) Conference.

T2019 promises to be an excellent opportunity for delegates to interact with government, business, law enforcement and academic leaders as they present the latest research, prevention initiatives and best practices for addressing issues related to alcohol, drugs and traffic safety.

For over 65 years delegates have met to find solutions to issues relating to alcohol, drugs and traffic safety around the world. 

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Submitted on четверг, августа 15, 2019 - 11:35
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HSRProj Back to School Webinar: How to Search, Communicate, and Disseminate Your Research

Location: Webinar

This introductory seminar explores effective search, communication, and dissemination strategies and provides an overview of resources publicly available through the National Library of Medicine for public health and health services and policy researchers to use in their work. 

Developed with graduate students and junior investigators in mind, the seminar reviews systematic search strategies and focuses on innovative methods to communicate and disseminate research findings, including data visualization and social media.

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Submitted on пятница, августа 2, 2019 - 08:14
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Rights in Recovery

Location: Stirling, Великобритания

“Everyone has the right to health and to live free from the harms of alcohol and drugs. Everyone has the right to be treated with respect and dignity and for their individual recovery journey to be fully supported. This strategy is, therefore, about how we best support people across alcohol and drug issues - taking a human rights-based, public health approach to ensure we are delivering the best possible care, treatment and responses for individuals and communities.”

Ministerial foreword to Rights, Respect and Recovery.

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Submitted on понедельник, августа 12, 2019 - 10:19
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Глобальная конференция по наркомании и поведенческому здоровью

Location: London, Великобритания

Глобальная конференция по наркомании и поведенческому здоровью запланирована на 22-24 августа 2019 года в Лондоне, Великобритания.

Тема мероприятия – «Объединение новых открытий и передовых подходов к наркомании», которая является краеугольным камнем для решения проблем наркомании, реабилитации и психиатрии.

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Submitted on понедельник, ноября 26, 2018 - 07:45
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Building Healthy Communities: Stories of Resilience and Hope

Location: Brisbane

The Mental Health Services (TheMHS) Conference is Australasia’s leading and most diverse mental health conference – and we will be holding our annual conference in Brisbane this August.

The theme for this year’s conference is ‘Building Healthy Communities: Stories of Resilience and Hope’.

TheMHS Learning Network events bring together people from across Australia and New Zealand to stimulate debates that challenge the boundaries of present knowledge and ideas about mental health care and mental health systems.

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Submitted on среда, августа 14, 2019 - 08:40
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National Prevention Network Conference

Location: Chicago, Соединённые Штаты Америки

The National Prevention Network conference will be held August 27-29, 2019 at the Hilton Chicago.

The purpose of the National Prevention Network (NPN) Conference is to highlight the latest research in the substance use prevention field. It provides a forum for prevention professionals, coalition leaders, researchers, and federal partners to share research, best practices and promising evaluation results for the purpose of integrating research into prevention practice.

The conference theme for 2019 is: Building on Evidence-Based Prevention to Connect Communities.

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Submitted on вторник, августа 13, 2019 - 12:53
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'Connections during Crisis’ – Preventing Drug Deaths in Scotland

Location: Glasgow, Великобритания

Join us at our upcoming conference on drug-related deaths on the 29th of August in Glasgow, which will mark International Overdose Awareness Day 2019.

Rates of accidental and preventable overdoses in Scotland continue to be the highest in Europe. This year’s conference theme ‘Connections During Crisis’ will focus on how we connect people, evidence and service provision to prevent drug deaths.

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Submitted on понедельник, июля 29, 2019 - 13:22
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International Overdose Awareness Day

Location: International Campaign

International Overdose Awareness Day aims to raise awareness of overdose and reduce the stigma of a drug-related death.

It is also an opportunity to stimulate discussion about evidence-based overdose prevention and drug policy.

International Overdose Awareness Day acknowledges the grief felt by families and friends remembering those who have died or suffered a permanent injury due to a drug overdose.

International Overdose Awareness Day spreads the message about the tragedy of drug overdose death and that drug overdose is preventable.

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Submitted on понедельник, июля 29, 2019 - 13:25
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