Getting around

Airport Transportation

Transit bus service is provided between the Airport and the city of Thessaloniki, with connections to the Central Railway Station and the “Makedonia” Regional Coach Terminal (KTEL).

Taxis are available upon arrival at the airport. A taxi to / from the airport will cost between 20 – 30 Euros. 

Taxi companies operate 24-hour call centres, ready to receive your order or make a booking for you. A taxi to the airport will cost between 20 – 30 Euros. 

Public Transportation

The conference area is easy to reach by public transportation. Buses run frequently throughout the day. Check the Thessaloniki Urban Transport Organization website ( for more information.


Bus service from the city centre to "Ioannis Vellidis" Convention Centre:



For "Ioannis Vellidis" Congress Center --> Mouseia

Taxi Service

Taxi services in Greece are relatively cheap compared to other European countries, with an average city center ride being from 5€ to 7€.

Important: not many of the taxis in Thessaloniki carry card machines, so it is highly recommended that you have cash on you. Note that the currency in Greece is Euros.

There is a taxi service called Freenow. FREENOW is the Mobility Super App with the largest vehicle choice for consumers across Europe available in 9 markets and in over 150 cities. Users can access all types of mobility services within a single app including public transport services, taxis, private hire vehicles, car sharing, e-scooters, e-bikes, and e-mopeds. 

 Download the FREENOW app on your phone (if not already a user). 

Bike Rental

You can discover Thessaloniki from another perspective and navigate through the city and its most important sightseeing by bike, always being cautious of the cars drivers around you! Thessaloniki offers a bicycle network of approximately 12 km, mainly in the seafront. There are numerous bike rentals in Thessaloniki, a Google search will help you locate them. One of them is BikeIT rental shop at 2 Leof. Meg. Alexandrou where you can find bikes for adults or for groups, from 10:00am to 22:00pm.

For more information visit the website:


Click on the images below to download the PDF files for the Thessaloniki City Map, UNESCO Monuments and Museums' Map, along with the Thessaloniki Monuments' Map and Cycling Map.

An illustration of the Thessaloniki Map, in bright colours. A abstract illustration of Thessaloniki UNESCO Monuments, in bright colours.An illustration for the Thessaloniki Museum's Map.

                        An illustration for the Thessaloniki Monuments MapAn illustration of the Thessaloniki Cycling Map

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