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ISSUP Chile was established as a National Chapter of ISSUP in June 2018. It is governed by a group of National Directors, all of whom have significant experience in the field of substance use. As ISSUP Chile develops, it will review its governance structure to guarantee that the appropriate range of skills and experience is represented within its Board of Directors, as well as ensure access to those working in the fields of prevention, treatment and recovery. 

The Board of Directors will hold a biweekly meeting, whose programme will review the status of the activities planned throughout the year (e.g. seminars for healthcare professionals, workshops for the population on the prevention of drug abuse). This board must be able to build networks within the broad field of drug demand reduction and ensure that its membership and activities reflect this.

Current Structure 2020 - 2021

Lorena Contreras E., President

Carlos Ibáñez, Executive Director

Marta Oliva, Treatment Director

María Elena Riveros, Social Integration Director

Iván Muñoz, Prevention Director


Directorio 2020









Current Structure 20218 - 2019

Carolina Marty, President

Carlos Ibáñez, Executive Director

Mario Hitschfeld, General Secretary

Marta Oliva, Treatment Director

María Elena Riveros, Social Integration Director

Lorena Contreras E., Prevention Director

Directorio 2018








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