ISSUP Rationale

ISSUP offers the potential for the substance use prevention and treatment field to be revolutionised as a field of activity that can be based on evidence, quality standards, and sound ethical best practice. ISSUP implements its activities in consultation with:

Prevention, treatment and recovery related science has moved forward substantially over recent years through the work of the above and related agencies. This is illustrated by the development of the Universal Prevention Curriculum and the Universal Treatment Curriculum provided through INL and Colombo Plan, the European Drug Prevention Quality Standards funded by the European Union and undertaken by the European Prevention Standards Partnership, and the International Standards on Drug Use Prevention produced by UNODC.

However the need remains for coherence and collaboration between the organisations involved. The challenge is to apply the science, making it accessible and comprehensible for everyone within the international drug prevention and treatment community. Furthermore, there is a vital need to professionalise the prevention and treatment workforce, to promote quality standards and ethical, evidence-based practice and for that workforce to be represented by an international organisation. ISSUP has been established to meet these needs and challenges.

ISSUP was initiated in 2015 through INL, working in consultation with African Union, OAS/CICAD, Colombo Plan, UNODC and WHO. It was formally established in the UK as a not for profit company limited by guarantee in February 2016. ISSUP is a unique initiative offering an international and credible professional membership body bringing together both the treatment and prevention workforce.

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