Fake News e o Aconselhamento Breve

O Brasil e o mundo vivem uma epidemia de notícias falsas, ou Fake News, sobre vários assuntos, mas em especial, sobre as drogas. E esse número de Fake News vem aumentando, ano a ano. E porque isso é tão importante no caso das drogas? Porque a informação do jovem vem por aí: pela internet, pelas redes sociais, pelo ‘boca a boca’... Quando o assunto é cigarro, se vê pouca fake News, pois já é um

International Recovery Month Celebrated

Director General of Department of Narcotics Control (DNC) Mr Abdul Wahab Bhuya has said that family and society's negative attitude towards substance users hinders the process of treatment and rehabilitation. He said this while addressing the celebration of International Recovery Month of Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) as the chief guest at DAM auditorium, Dhanmondi, Dhaka on 27 September 2022. He also said, celebrating this month is to inspire the recovery community not to feel alone

International Recovery Month Celebrated

Director General of Department of Narcotics Control (DNC) Mr Abdul Wahab Bhuya has said that family and society's negative attitude towards substance users hinders the process of treatment and rehabilitation. He said this while addressing the celebration of International Recovery Month of Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) as the chief guest at DAM auditorium, Dhanmondi, Dhaka on 27 September 2022. He also said, celebrating this month is to inspire the recovery community not to feel alone

L’ONUDC fourni de la Naloxone au Centre d’Accompagnement et de Soins en Addictologie pour réduire les décès liés aux opioïdes en Côte d’Ivoire

En réponse à la session extraordinaire de l'Assemblée générale de 2016 sur le problème mondial de la drogue et à la résolution 55/7 de la Commission des stupéfiants sur la « Promotion de mesures visant à prévenir les surdoses de drogues, en particulier les surdoses d'opioïdes », ainsi que sur la base des Normes Internationales de 2014 sur les Gestion des surdoses d'opioïdes, l'initiative «UNODC-WHO Stop Overdose Safely (S-O-S)» a été lancée. Les premiers intervenants

50 Pakistani substance use disorder treatment professionals successfully completed the UNODC Universal Treatment Curriculum (UTC) course 1-2 as part of the UNODC training programme on the UTC Basic Courses 1-8

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in collaboration with the Ministry of Narcotics Control, Ministry of National Health Services Regulation & Coordination and with support from Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, U.S. Department of State, successfully conducted a training on the Universal Treatment Curriculum (UTC) Basic courses on Modules1-2 for 50 substance use treatment professionals from Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Upon request from Islamabad Health Care Commission (IHRA) the UTC

Ecolink Institute starts advanced course on MI & CBT

Ecolink Institute of Well-being, an approved training provider of the Colombo Plan started the advanced course on Motivational Interviewing (MI) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for addiction professionals on 12 September 2022. Over 30 participants from 10 countries are attending the course, which is instructed by Ms. Aditi Ghanekar, Dr.Yatan Pall Singh, Mr. Francis Moothedan, and Susmita Bannerjee, all certified global trainers. Dr.Yatan Pal Singh from All India Medical Sciences, New Delhi gave his opening

Report on Treatnet Training

Report on Treatnet Training organised by Bayelsa State Drug Abuse Prevention and Rehabilitation Committee (BADAPARC) in collaboration with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) for counselors in secondary and tertiary schools in Bayelsa State. Summary The Treatnet training was organized by Bayelsa State Drug Abuse Prevention and Rehabilitation Committee (BADAPARC) in collaboration with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency((NDLEA) for Guidance counselors in secondary and tertiary institutions in Bayelsa state. The training took place

Cigarro Eletrônico na Nigéria e iniciativas recentes

Cigarro Eletrônico na Nigéria e iniciativas recentes - Palestra de Dr. Bolanle Adeyemi (Bola Ola) Dr. Bolanle Adeyemi, conhecido por Bola Ola, é Professor de Psiquiatria com especializações em Dependências, Saúde Mental Infantil e Adolescente. Além de ser Treinador Global do UNODC em Redução da Demanda de Drogas, ele é o Coordenador Nacional na Nigéria para o Consórcio Internacional de Universidades em Redução da Demanda de Drogas. Sua experiência abrange, além da educação médica, ciências

Training of trainers (TOT) on mental health for prison staffs

Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) and Bangladesh Prison Directorate jointly organized a four-day long ToT on mental health for prison officials from 22-25 August 2022, in the meeting room of Dhaka Central Jail. A total of 21 participants participated in the training. The ToT was organized with the technical assistance from the 'Rule of Law' programme, GIZ Bangladesh and funding from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the British Government's Foreign

PTSD Consultation Program: Lecture Series

On the third Wednesday of each month, the PTSD Consultation Program hosts a webinar on a topic relevant to treating PTSD. Topics are selected based on questions providers are bringing to the PTSD Consultation Program and invite an expert in that area to present the lecture. The target audience includes mental health professionals or other health professionals interested in topics related to treating Veterans with PTSD. Those who pre-register and participate in the live lectures

Prevenção do uso de substâncias durante a gestação - Palestra da Dra. Renata Azevedo

O consumo de drogas no Brasil é um verdadeiro problema de saúde pública. Quando usado de forma problemática, pode provocar ou aumentar crises familiares e violência. O uso ou a dependência de substâncias psicoativas por gestantes é bastante preocupante, uma vez que a gestação é um período de transformações significativas no corpo da mulher e no seu estado psicoemocional. Além dos problemas que provoca à gestante usuária, o bebê também sofre prejuízos, uma vez que

Training on the Management of Substance Use Disorders

On August 20, 2022, in the Kinnaird Center for Learning and Cultural Development (KCLCD) Lahore, a one-day skills workshop for students of Professional Certification in Clinical Psychology (PCCP) batch II was organized. Dr. Nazish Idrees, an addiction counsellor from The University of Lahore (UoL) and the representative of Grace International Rehabilitation Center, took the opportunity to appear as a keynote speaker. The resource person was competent in the field. Communicating with an audience of 50+

Inauguration of the YOUFEST on Pakistan Independence Day 2022

On August 14, 2022, Sunday was the day of great hustle and bustle at Grace International Rehabilitation Center. The celebrations of the day had a special purpose to disclose the Global Vision 2030 called YOUFEST. The next 8 years of the plan were developed and presented by Dr Nazish Idrees, the Director of Operations of the Grace International Rehabilitation Center. She introduced the series of events into four areas of major festivals to be held

“Training of Trainers (TOT) workshop regarding Substance Abuse Prevention”

Training of Trainers (TOT) workshop regarding Drug Abuse Prevention has been organized by EQUIP Research & Developments in collaboration with the Ministry of Narcotics Control, Govt. of Pakistan on 8th May 2022 at EQUIP head office, Multan, Pakistan. This TOT workshop was very informative for all the participants and it was designed according to the need of the participants. We have the attendees including, psychologists, pharmacists, social workers, human rights activists, media representatives, college/university students

Connecting the workforce with ISSUP Networks

ISSUP members benefit from joining a global community that provides guidance, training, resources, and opportunities to collaborate. As such, interactions between members can develop in various forms. One of ISSUP’s main aims is to facilitate collaboration and communication between members in the digital space. Digital technologies have a central role to play here by transforming how substance use professionals connect, communicate, and collaborate. To enable collaboration in the digital space, ISSUP’s website acts as a

Tanga and Muheza ‘Listen First’ Activity Report

Casa Rosetta - Listen First Project Implementation period 25th -28th July 2022 Activity Introducing the ‘Listen First’ concept to the Project team and organizing the distribution of printed posters with eleven different messages (all translated into Kiswahili) and then distributing the printed posters in both Tanga (25-26 July) and Muheza (27-28 July) in a total of third secondary schools, those that had already participated in the IEC campaign. Teachers shared their observations concerning themes illustrated

Autocontrole numa sociedade estressada – Palestra do Dr. Augusto Cury

Dr. Augusto Cury, em sua palestra no 7º Congresso Freemind, fala sobre como manter o autocontrole numa sociedade estressada e intoxicada digitalmente Na história do Freemind, duas pessoas foram, são e serão sempre muito importantes: Padre Haroldo e Dr. Augusto Cury. A percepção tradicional é de que ciência e religião são duas coisas completamente diferentes; de que a ciência tenta entender como funciona o mundo e a religião fala sobre o espírito do homem e

UNODC discussed the protection of adolescents and young people from psychoactive and narcotic drugs at a round table “Youth for a healthy lifestyle”

On 10 August, 2022, UNODC jointly with the representatives of ministries and state departments of the Republic of Uzbekistan, members of the Youth Parliament at the Legislative Chamber and the Senate of the Oliy Majlis (Parliament), as well as representatives of UNICEF and international experts participated in a round table on the theme "Youth for a healthy lifestyle". The event was organized on the initiative of the Youth Parliament, with the support of the Committee

UTC Report in Benue state, Nigeria dated 1st August 2022.

The training on Universal Treatment Curriculum 1 & 2 organized by Foundation for Changing Lives Against Substance Abuse (FOCLASA) took place between 1st to 6th August, 2022 at the conference hall of Smile View Hotel, Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria. Twenty-five (25) people registered and started the training on the first day but due to the strict rules applied for successful participation and completion of the course 1 & 2, the training ended up with twenty-one

Cigarro eletrônico: lobo em pele de cordeiro.

Mitos e verdades sobre o Cigarro Eletrônico e os dispositivos Eletrônicos para Fumar A Organização Mundial da Saúde – OMS – considera o tabagismo um importante problema de saúde pública e uma das principais causas de morte passíveis de prevenção. Muitos tabagistas, quando perguntados sobre seu vício, declaram que se pudessem voltar no tempo, não teriam iniciado a fumar e que gostariam de parar, mas que têm muita dificuldade em parar e/ou permanecerem abstinentes. Um

Training of Trainer (TOT) on Drug Treatment and Management for prison officers

As part of Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) capacity building initiatives with prison staff for the better management of drug dependent prisoners, a four-day long Training of Trainers (ToT) on Drug Treatment and Management Training for prison staff was held on 25 July 2022. The training was organized by the Bangladesh Prisons Department and DAM with the technical assistance of the German development aid agency GIZ and funded by the British Government under the JPRPHRPC project

Invito a presentare proposte: Intersessionale Tematica CND settembre 2022

Alla sua 62a sessione nel marzo 2019 la Commissione sugli stupefacenti (CND) ha adottato per consenso la Dichiarazione ministeriale intitolata "Rafforzare le nostre azioni a livello nazionale, regionale e internazionale per accelerare l'attuazione dei nostri impegni congiunti per affrontare e contrastare il problema mondiale della droga". ( Seguendo il formato utilizzato per le discussioni tematiche tenutesi in seno alla CND dal 2016, gli Stati membri hanno elaborato un piano di lavoro pluriennale e terranno, ogni

A mídia e o papel dos pais na prevenção

Valorizando o sucesso em campanhas de mídia para a prevenção do uso de substâncias por adolescentes e o papel especial dos pais no processo Uma análise do UNODC conceitua que a eficácia da prevenção da toxicodependência contribui para o desenvolvimento social e para o exercício para a cidadania. Em suma, a prática da prevenção envolve garantir “que crianças e jovens sejam menos vulneráveis e mais resistentes.” O UNODC também abordou aspectos relacionados a campanhas de

Understanding Stigma and Cognitive Behavioural Interpersonal Skills- PAHO's online self-learning and tutor-guided course

The Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO), jointly with the Mental Health Commission of Canada, will hold a new online self-learning and tutor-guided course "Understanding Stigma and Cognitive Behavioral Interpersonal Skills" from August 15 to November 30, 2022. The purpose of this course is to reduce mental health-related stigma and improve clinical and practice management skills among primary care providers when working with individuals experiencing mental health challenges.

WHO stakeholder survey on improving access to morphine for medical use

WHO launched a survey on assessing barriers, enablers, and pirority actions for improving access to morphine for medical use. All Civil Society Organisation can contribute by filling out the survey before 31 August 2022. The survey is available in all 6 UN languages for participation by relevant stakeholders: The purpose of the survey is to: Collect information about current situations on access to morphine and other strong opioids in countries for patients in need; Identify

Contributi italiani in occasione del 26 Giugno 2022, giornata mondiale della lotta alla droga

In questa sessione, ISSUP-Italy presenta alcuni eventi e contributi italiani in occasione del 26 Giugno 2022, giornata mondiale della lotta alla droga il cui tema è stato #Care In Crises, Addressing drug challenges in health and humanitarian crises. Si allegano i seguenti contributi: Associazione Casa Rosetta: Emmaus - mensile di informazione di Casa Rosetta - luglio 2022; Evento: la tua persona al centro; F.I.C.T. – Federazione Italiana delle Comunità Terapeutiche: Comunicato stampa: Giornata mondiale contro

UNODC conducted Regional Training of Trainers on UTC 13 in Central Asia

The UNODC Regional Office for Central Asia held a Regional Training of Trainers (ToT) on Course 13 – “Contingency Management: A Reinforcement Based Treatment” which took place in person in Almaty, Kazakhstan on 27-29 July 2022. This course is a part of the Advanced Level of the Universal Treatment Curriculum for Substance Use Disorders (UTC training package). The twenty (20) members of the national team of trainers from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan attended the training

Further enhancing the implementation of quality standards in drug demand reduction across Europe

Project update QUALITY CHAMPIONS EVENTS - PALMA DE MALLORCA, 5TH-6TH MAY, 2022 This event, offered in a hybrid format, was attended by 68 participants –53 in person and 15 online—who presented and discussed initiatives on prevention, treatment and social re- integration, and harm reduction; and participated in working group discussions on transferability of the inspiring practices presented and the needs for successful implementation. Pre- sentations made are available at the Quality Champions Event Section of