About Us


To be a centre of excellence in providing drug demand reduction, prevention, and treatment training; as well as to professionalise the field of addiction in the region.


The objectives of BAAP/ISSUP Botswana are to:

  1. Professionalise the field of substance use disorder prevention and treatment by supporting the development of a professional workforce.
  2. Provide a forum wherein substance use prevention and treatment professionals can interact and collaborate.
  3. Collaborate, as well as build positive relationship with government, local, and international organisations towards effective Substance Use Disorder prevention and treatment services.
  4. Promote and Support professional information sharing of evidence-based policy and practice in substance use prevention and treatment.

The Executive Committee Members:

  1. Dr. Morekwe Selemogwe-Matsetse, Chairperson
  2. Ms. Kegomoditswe Manyanda, Vice-Chairperson
  3. Mr. Phenyo Sebonego, Secretary
  4. Mr. Wazha Dambe, Vice-Secretary
  5. Mr. David Sydney Mangwegape, Treasurer
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