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Kenya Hosts Inaugural National Substance Use Prevention Summit 2024

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In a world where substance use continues to pose a significant threat to health and well-being, Kenya is taking a bold stand. Kenya hosted the first National Prevention Week 2024 culminating in the National Substance Use Prevention Summit...
The National Substance Use Prevention Summit 2024 in Kenya

ISSUP Kenya/USIU-Africa World Mental Health Day 2023 Webinar

ISSUP Webinar
ISSUP Kenya and the United States International University - Africa co-hosted a webinar to mark World Mental Health Day 2023. The theme is 'Substance Use Prevention: A Responsive Strategy to Enhance Mental Health in Kenya'.

Kenya Substance Use Prevention Shaping Up

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In 2021, Kenya through the National Authority for the Campaign against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) developed the National Guidelines on Alcohol and Drug Use Prevention. The goal of the Guidelines was to establish minimum requirements...