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The Society of Substance Use in Namibia (SoSUN), which is registered as a Society according to the laws of Namibia, is the host organization of ISSUP Namibia.

ISSUP Namibia is governed by an Executive Committee (EXCO) headed by the Chairperson and other Board of Directors consisting of a Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Public Relations and Communications Officer, Treasurer and three Elected Board Members, whom together with members, ensures the effective integration of prevention, treatment, and recovery services across health care systems in Namibia in order to address substance misuse and its consequences. The EXCO of ISSUP Namibia is established as follows:



Dr L.E.K. Hamunjela


Ms. Leigh-Ann Black

Vice Chairperson

Mr. Charles Mabulawa

Public Relations  and Communications Officer

Ms.E. N. Awuku


Ms. Josephina Shilongo


Ms Annelize Louw

Elected Board Member

Ms. Alice Umurerwa

Elected Board Member

Ms. Amanda Solomon

Elected Board Member

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