Malaysia Country Profile

Flag of Malaysia Country Profile
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Drug policy

  • Malaysia's goal is to ensure drug free families, schools, work places and communities
  • The basis of the National Drug Policy is supply reduction and demand reduction

Treatment and Recovery Services

  • There are two forms of treatment and rehabilitation programmes for drug addicts: i) Institutional one stop treatment centres and ii) non-institutional treatment within the community via supervision
  • Treatment, for a specific length of time, is compulsory for drug addicts
  • In treatment centres addicts receive physical rehabilitation built around discipline as well as emotional and psychological support
  • Only about one third of compulsory facilities that were operational in 2010 have been transformed into voluntary Cure and Care facilities across the country. Among the services offered at the Cure and Care clinics were inpatient and/or outpatient methadone treatment services, medical care, psychosocial interventions, recreational activities (group games, hiking trips, artistic activities, dance and musical therapy) as well as group and individual vocational training. The Government reported in 2019 that additional options have been added to the menu of services offered at the Cure and Care clinics and service centres, including vocational training, job placement and modules addressing ATS use and dependence. By 2015, there were 59 voluntary Cure and Care clinics and outpatient service centres operating in Malaysia, overseen by the National Anti-Drugs Agency. However, by June 2021, four voluntary Cure and Care service centres had been shut down by the National Anti-Drugs Agency, with further closures planned for 2022 and beyond. Since 2015, there has been no diversion of resources away from compulsory to voluntary treatment.

Prevention Services

  • Seminars are delivered, to increase awareness, knowledge, understanding and skills with regards to the dangers of drugs, to students, community leaders and youths
  • Drug awareness is incorporated into the school curriculum and there is specialist teacher training.