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Togo Society of Substance Use Prevention and Treatment Professionals is the host association for the International Society of Substance Use Prevention and Treatment Professionals in Togo, hence ISSUP Togo. ISSUP Togo is in the process to be registered as an association under the Togo law of 1901 recognizing civil society organizations. 

In Togo, the use of psychoactive substances by the population, and young people in particular, remains a real concern for the Government because it is one of the major threats of public health. Indeed, Young people aged between 10 and 25 years old are involved daily in alcohol and other drugs misuse according to the national epidemiological network report. Cannabis is the most widely used illicit substance.

In addition, new psychoactive substances, such as tramadol and psychotropics are being abused by young people. These substances circulate on the streets and in schools despite the control mechanisms of the national control and regulatory agencies. The long-term consequences of the use of cannabis and those psychotropic substances on young people are often devastating for both themselves and their families that suffer as well.

There are few specialized treatment centres using evidence-based programmes for treatment. The services are fragmented, partial, less structured and less effective.

With regards to the situation above, the Government of Togo, with the support of regional and international partnerships, has made great efforts to improve the provision of health care services to drug users through the training of trainers on various programmes for the treatment of substance use disorders, including UTC. 

In addition, a national epidemiological network on drug abuse has been established with technical and financial support of ECOWAS in order to address the lack of critical data for the development and orientation of national policies and strategies. 

Civil society organizations are quite well engaged. However, they lack skills and abilities to carry out evidence-based prevention, treatment and recovery initiatives.

Furthermore, the National Anti-Drug Committee (CNAD), the organization that coordinates the fight against drugs in Togo, has just developed a new five-years national strategic plan 2020-2024 to address drugs and organized crimes. This plan promotes  the intensification of drug demand reduction actions.

ISSUP Togo will support the implementation of this plan through the provision of quality training on prevention, treatment and research for national professionals.

If you require further information about ISSUP Togo or have any questions or contributions you would like to make please contact:

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