Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information and Resources for the AOD Sector

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The  National Center for Education and Training on Addiction ( NCETA), The National Drug and Alcohol Research Center (NDARC) and the National Drug Research Institute (NDRI) have compiled a list of some online information and resources that may be of help to people working in the alcohol and other drug sector.

The resources are listed under:

Working with people who use drugs and who are homeless - SDF COVID-19 Webinar

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COVID-19 and the lockdown present particular challenges for people affected by homelessness and substance use and services working with them. SDF's second free COVID-19 webinar included speakers from across Scotland describing local services responses from which other areas may learn and improve their service provision to a high risk vulnerable group.

UNODC Coronavirus Resource List

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As part of the effort to provide information and support to people who use drugs, families, and professionals working in the substance use and addiction field, UNODC has produced a series of resources to guide evidence-based practice.

Here you can access clear infographics, tips, and information on a range of subjects tailored to meet the needs of specific groups within society.

8 Tips on How to Write About Alcohol Consumption Responsibly

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Journalist's Resource

The media has a major role in influencing people's drinking behaviour.

Despite clear evidence linking harmful alcohol consumption with increased risk of health problems such as cancer, liver disease, and violence-related injuries, we are continuously fed advertisements promoting alcohol products and glorifying alcohol consumption. 

Introduction to the Universal Prevention and Treatment Curriculum (UPC/UTC)

On May 7th, 2020, ISSUP Mexico in collaboration with CICAD and ISSUP Global organized an online Introduction to the Universal Prevention and Treatment Curriculum (UPC/UTC). 122 prevention and treatment directors working for Centros de Integración Juvenil (CIJ) and members of ISSUP Mexico participated in the session

3 Steps for Providing Prevention Plus Wellness Programs

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Chudley Edward Werch, PhD
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3 Steps for Providing Prevention Plus Wellness Programs: Video

Description: Three easy steps are described for implementing any of the single-session evidence-based and evidence-informed substance use Prevention Plus Wellness programs that promote protective wellness behaviors among youth and young adults.  8 minutes long.

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Adfam's Covid-19 Top Tips

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The current global pandemic of the Covid-19 virus is resulting in unprecedented changes to peoples lives. Many of these changes will put an additional strain on the families of those with substance use problems, and already challenging circumstances may become even more difficult. 

Webinar grabado: Recomendaciones de cuidado para las personas usuarias de drogas frente a la pandemia de COVID-19

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Prevencion en consumos problem’ticos desde el modelo participativo

El 22 de abril de 2020, el capàtulo argentino de ISSUP en colaboracion con ISSUP global organizà webinar en el que se abordaron las dificultades y desafos a los nos vemos enfrentados quienes trabajamos en prevenciàn y asistencia en el campo de los consumos.comticos.