ISSUP National Chapters' Advisory Committee

The National Chapter Advisory Committee was set up in the fall of October 2021 with the overall goal of promoting the inclusion of National Chapters in decision-making discussions at the level of the ISSUP Global team.

The specific objectives of the Committee include:

  • To review and comment on the National Chapter operation and to advise on how to improve the impact and effectiveness of the National Chapters activity and work
  • To provide ideas on how the communications and activities with respect to ISSUP’s National Chapters can be developed or improved
  • To communicate issues, questions, and concerns about the operation of the National Chapters
  • To provide feedback to the ISSUP Global team on how their operation might be improved
  • To provide a regular review of the operation of ISSUP’s National Chapters that can be shared with the ISSUP Board
  • To serve as a point of contact for the ISSUP Board and for the ISSUP Global National Chapter team

If you have any questions, please contact nationalchapter [at] issup [dot] net.


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