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ISSUP supports the professional development of those working within substance use prevention, treatment and recovery. Here you will find information about available positions in the field from around the globe. We welcome ISSUP members to share advertisements for current vacancies in this category. Log in and post your job to the ISSUP job board.

Programme Manager - Prevention

  • Location: Sri Lanka
  • Area of Work: Programme Delivery
  • Closing date:

VACANCY FOR THE POST OF PROGRAMME MANAGER (PREVENTION) Training on Universal Curricula in Central Asia

The Programme Manager has the primary responsibility of ensuring that the objectives of Dissemination of Universal Prevention Curricula initiatives in Central Asia will be achieved in the allotted time frame. Drug Advisory Programme has successfully achieved goals in Central Asia on implementation of Substance Use Disorder Treatment activities associated with training of addiction practitioners working with people who use drugs. The Prevention initiatives will be a new project for the Central Asia region and hence the post requires from an incumbent the competency and expertise in prevention area. Under the supervision of the DAP Director, the Programme Manager must effectively assist in the implementation of the projects.

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Applications (CV and Cover letter, which clearly mention the title) should be sent via email on or before 16 October 2023 to vacancies [at] colombo-plan [dot] org

The email title should clearly mention: Programme Manager- Prevention

Submitted on Rabu, Oktober 4, 2023 - 10:21

Associate Programme Officer, P2, UNODC, Vienna

  • Location: Austria
  • Area of Work: Programme Delivery
  • Closing date:

This position is located in the Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation Section (PTRS), Laboratory and Scientific Services (DLSSB), Division for Policy Analysis and Public Affairs (DPA), United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). The Associate Programme Officer will work under the overall guidance of the Chief, Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation Section and the direct supervision of the Programme Officer of the global programme on Treatment of Drug Use Disorders (GLOK32).

For more information on the role, please visit our website

Submitted on Rabu, Oktober 4, 2023 - 10:07

Nurse (Psychiatry)

  • Location: Qatar
  • Area of Work: Programme Delivery
  • Closing date:

Naufar is Qatar’s national substance use disorder center for treatment, prevention, professional education and research. Naufar was established in 2017 by Emiri Decree, that recognized that addiction is a health issue. Naufar treats over 1000 patients and their families each year. Our services are evidence-based and culturally- adapted to the GCC. Our facilities include over 120 beds (in-patient treatment, residential rehabilitation) and extensive out-patient treatment and recovery interventions.  

Naufar is expanding and is looking to recruit a range of clinical staff with competence in SUD including consultant addiction psychiatrists; nurses; psychologists and counsellors. Clinical staff must be fluent in Arabic and English. 

Delivery of Services

  • Provide high-quality individualised nursing care services according to treatment plans, to best meet Patient needs. Prepare rooms for new admissions to properly welcome Patients.
  • Greet newly admitted Patients upon admission and escort them to their rooms to deliver a high level of hospitality.
  • Take notes about the care services being provided and the Patients’ responses to the care, to feedback to the Nursing Supervisor to make appropriate service improvement decisions.
  • Treat all Patients fairly to ensure their satisfaction with level of service provided.
  • Provide all nursing care in privacy and knock before entering the Patients’ rooms to ensure their comfort.
  • Safeguard the confidentiality of all Patients’ care information.
  • Provide emotional, psychological and spiritual support to patients and their families to establish a compassionate environment.
  • Observe and interpret Patients’ symptoms and communicate them to physicians, Nursing Supervisor and Head - Nursing to take necessary actions.
  • Administer Patients’ medication and provide treatments according to physicians’ orders to ensure alignment with treatment plan.
  • Give appropriate notice to patients before their room and/or roommate (where/if applicable) is changed to ensure their satisfaction.
  • Maintain work areas in clean, safe and sanitary to ensure high level of quality and hospitality standards.
  • Provide information to patients and their families to answer their questions and concerns.
  • Conduct and report evidenced-based nursing assessments in support of the Model of Service Delivery.

Professional/Academic Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree in nursing from an accredited university or equivalent professional Nursing qualification.
  • Licensed as a practicing Nurse.


  • At least 3 years of experience in Nursing include one year experience in mental health or addiction.
Submitted on Rabu, September 27, 2023 - 10:52

Psikolog Klinis

  • Location: Qatar
  • Area of Work: Programme Delivery
  • Closing date:

Naufar adalah pusat gangguan penggunaan zat nasional Qatar untuk perawatan, pencegahan, pendidikan profesional dan penelitian. Naufar didirikan pada tahun 2017 oleh Keputusan Emiri, yang mengakui bahwa kecanduan adalah masalah kesehatan. Naufar merawat lebih dari 1000 pasien dan keluarga mereka setiap tahun. Layanan kami berbasis bukti dan disesuaikan secara budaya dengan GCC. Fasilitas kami mencakup lebih dari 120 tempat tidur (perawatan rawat inap, rehabilitasi perumahan) dan intervensi perawatan dan pemulihan rawat jalan yang ekstensif.  

Naufar berkembang dan mencari untuk merekrut berbagai staf klinis dengan kompetensi di SUD termasuk psikiater kecanduan konsultan; Perawat; psikolog dan konselor. Staf klinis harus fasih berbahasa Arab dan Inggris. 

Akuntabilitas Pekerjaan:

Tanggung jawab khusus:

Psikolog Klinis memikul tanggung jawab untuk penyampaian layanan psikologis yang efektif yang termasuk tetapi tidak terbatas pada:

1.  Penilaian dan diagnosis psikologis klinis khusus untuk pasien

dirujuk ke tim berdasarkan penggunaan yang tepat, interpretasi dan integrasi data psikologis yang kompleks dari berbagai sumber termasuk tes psikologis dan neuropsikologis, ukuran laporan diri, skala penilaian, pengamatan terstruktur langsung dan tidak langsung dan wawancara semi-terstruktur dengan pasien, anggota keluarga dan orang lain yang terlibat dalam perawatan pasien.

2. Memberikan formulasi klinis dan laporan tertulis yang komprehensif mengenai penilaian, kuesioner atau tes.

3. Memberikan masukan psikologis klinis khusus kepada pasien termasuk hasil penilaian dan intervensi psikologis klinis yang diusulkan.

4. Menerapkan rencana perawatan untuk perawatan psikologis klinis formal dan / atau manajemen masalah psikologis, berdasarkan kerangka konseptual masalah yang tepat, dan menggunakan strategi dan metode berbasis bukti kemanjuran yang terbukti, di berbagai pengaturan perawatan .

5. Menerapkan berbagai intervensi psikologis klinis, menyesuaikan dan menyempurnakan formulasi psikologis dengan menggunakan model penjelasan yang berbeda dan mempertahankan beberapa hipotesis sementara.

6. Menerapkan dan mengadaptasi intervensi psikososial Berbasis Bukti.

7. Memanfaatkan basis bukti saat ini, termasuk temuan penelitian terbaru, dan bukti terbaik yang tersedia untuk memandu praktik psikologis.  

8. Mengevaluasi kemanjuran dan efektivitas intervensi dan teknologi baru dan mapan menggunakan ukuran hasil yang diakui.  

9. Mengevaluasi dan membuat keputusan tentang pilihan pengobatan dengan mempertimbangkan model teoritis dan terapeutik dan faktor yang sangat kompleks mengenai proses historis dan perkembangan yang telah membentuk individu.

10. Tinjau rekam medis yang relevan untuk memahami kasus dengan lebih baik. 

11. Memberikan saran, bimbingan, dan konsultasi psikologis klinis khusus kepada profesional lain yang berkontribusi langsung pada formulasi, diagnosis, dan rencana perawatan pasien.

12. Berikan terapi individu, kelompok dan intervensi keluarga dalam berbagai pengaturan sesuai kebutuhan. 

13. Pastikan bahwa partisipasi pasien dan keluarga mereka terintegrasi dengan rencana perawatan secara keseluruhan. 

Kualifikasi Profesional / Akademik:

  • Gelar master dalam psikologi klinis
  • Gelar sarjana psikologi

Sertifikasi / Lisensi:

  • Calon harus memiliki lisensi / sertifikat pendaftaran yang valid yang menyertai tahun-tahun pengalaman yang diperlukan.


  • Pengalaman kerja 5 tahun dalam psikologi klinis dari 2 tahun pascasarjana (MSCP) pengalaman yang relevan dengan Gangguan Penggunaan Zat.


Submitted on Rabu, September 27, 2023 - 10:28

Program Manager for Strategic Partnerships, Overdose Prevention Initiative

  • Location: Amerika Serikat
  • Area of Work: Programme Delivery
  • Closing date:

The Global Health Advocacy Incubator (GHAI) supports civil society organizations advocating for public health policies that reduce death and disease. We bring a proven advocacy approach and a global network of local partners, built on a 25-year track record of success across multiple issues in more than 60 countries. GHAI is an initiative of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

The Program Manager plays a key role in supporting the advocacy efforts of the Global Health Advocacy Incubator’s Overdose Prevention Initiative. This position leads efforts to cultivate and develop strategic partnerships with national, state, and local organizations that align with the Initiative’s goals of advance federal policies to reduce overdose deaths in the United States. This position and reports to the Project Director of the Overdose Prevention Initiative.

Submitted on Kamis, September 14, 2023 - 10:17

Drug Control and Crime Prevention Officer, UNODC

  • Location: Austria
  • Area of Work: Programme Delivery
  • Closing date:

This post is located in the Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation Section (PTRS), Drugs, Laboratory and Scientific Services Branch (DLSSB), Division for Policy Analysis and Public Affairs (DPA), United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Vienna, Austria. The Programme Officer will work under the direct supervision of the Prevention Programme Officer and the overall guidance of the Chief of the Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation Section (PTRS).

For more information on the role and responsibilities, please click here.

Submitted on Senin, Agustus 28, 2023 - 11:28