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The Commonwealth of the Bahamas is a country within the Lucayan Archipelago of the West Indies in the Atlantic.  It consists of 700 islands (of which 30 are inhabited) and 2,400 cays.  Like many countries in the region, the Bahamas carry enormous health, social, and economic burdens associated with substance misuse.

Consequently, efforts to address this burden should be backed by practical and ethical practices.  Accordingly, ISSUP Bahamas is working towards having a professional, well-trained workforce that shares relevant knowledge and evidence-based practices concerning substance abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery.

Our mission is to establish Substance Use Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery as a unique and multidisciplinary field and consequently be in a position to influence drug demand reduction practice and policy in the Bahamas and the Caribbean region.

Governance of the ISSUP National Chapter in the Bahamas will be under the supervision of its Executive Committee. 

The Committee is comprised of the following:

Director - Mr Troy Clarke

Vice Directors - Ms Michelle Lundy (Family Island Affairs) & Ms Paulette Dean (Nassau)

Secretary - Ms Pamela Smith

Assistant Secretary - Ms Eloise Rolle

Treasurer & Chapter Liaison Coordinator with Host Organization - Ms Brenda Smith

Assistant Treasurer - Dr Christine Curtis

Chaplain – Ms Shaniqua Smith

The Executive Committee will be working with ISSUP to develop the Chapter at the outset until the Chapter has been set up and new Elections for the Management Committee have taken place.  All governance will be conducted under the supervision of ISSUP, to ensure they align with the ideals set out.

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