Ecolink Institute successfully completes six batches for UTC full course

The Ecolink Institute based in India and an approved training provider of the Colombo Plan has successfully completed six (6) international batches for UTC Curriculum 1-8 and initiated to ICAP Credentialing Examination. The students draw from mostly private SUD treatment centers and those practicing as mental health professionals already. Most participants are from professional backgrounds with their qualifications in Psychology, social work or recovery background. The Institute has trained more than 250 students from 20

Ecolink conducts special session on Relapse prevention

Ecolink Institute has conducted a special workshop on "Relapse prevention" on May 5 for over 40 therapists who are attached to Addiction Recovery Coach Online, a therapy wing of the Institute. Dr.Thirumagal V conducted the workshop on topics like what is Lapse and Relapse, warning signs in relapse, Triggers management, and designing a relapse prevention package . 41 participants from most parts of India and 9 other countries participated in the workshop. ARCO_India has developed

White House Releases 2022 National Drug Control Strategy that Outlines Comprehensive Path Forward to Address Addiction and the Overdose Epidemic

Today, President Biden sent his Administration’s inaugural National Drug Control Strategy to Congress at a time when drug overdoses have taken a heartbreaking toll, claiming 106,854 lives in the most recent 12-month period. The Strategy delivers on the call to action in President Biden’s Unity Agenda through a whole-of-government approach to beat the overdose epidemic. The Strategy focuses on two critical drivers of the epidemic: untreated addiction and drug trafficking. It instructs federal agencies to

Introduction of new methods and tools for drug use disorders diagnostics and treatment discussed in Kazakhstan

On April 15, 2022, the UNODC Regional Office for Central Asia in collaboration with the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Mental Health held a “National Round Table Discussion on the application of new methods and tools of drug use disorders’ diagnostics and treatment. The event conducted in a hybrid(offline, online ZOOM) mode was attended by senior specialists from the Ministries of Health and Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the WHO Country Office

UNODC Training for Albanian Policymakers on the Nature, Prevention, Treatment and Care of Drug Use Disorders

UNODC organized a training for 19 Albanian policymakers on the Nature, Prevention, and Treatment of Drug Use Disorders from 12-14 April 2022 in Tirana, Albania. Participants from the Ministries of Health and Social Protection, Education, Justice and Interior took active participation during the training which was organized with the generous support from the U.S. State Department Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL). This UNODC training was inaugurated by Deputy Minister from the

Introduction of new methods and tools for drug use disorders diagnostics and treatment discussed in Tajikistan

On 8 April 2022 UNODC conducted a national round table meeting on the introduction of new methods and tools for drug use disorders diagnostics and treatment in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. The event brought together some 20 experts from the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Tajikistan (MHSPP); state agencies: Republican Clinical Drug Addiction Center under MHSPP, National Drug Addiction Monitoring and Prevention Center under MHSPP, National Center for AIDS Prevention

Call for Master Trainers for the Case Care Management Project

Brief Description: The Executive Secretariat of the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (ES-CICAD) is seeking expressions of interest from experts in the field of alternatives to incarceration and social integration to be trained as Master Trainers for the delivery of the Case Care Management curriculum internationally. Upon successful completion of the Training of Trainers, these Master Trainers will be included on the Case Care Management roster of trainers and can be contacted to deliver the

Kenya introduces tax on alcohol advertising

A 15% tax on fees charged by television stations, print media, billboards, and radio stations for advertisements of alcohol products, gaming, and gambling has been proposed in the 2022/23 budget. Here you can read the news article, published by Movendi International, that outlines the policy changes that have been introduced to reduce the harm caused by alcohol.

DAM Report of Recovery Get-Together 2022

The four drug treatment centers of Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) offer support for the recovery and rehabilitation of drug users in Bangladesh and these centers have received many national awards for quality services from the Government. DAM drug treatment centers celebrate Recovery Get-Together every year to support recoveries and help integration back into society. This year DAM arranged a “Recovery Get together” program on March 26, 2022, at Ahsania Mission Drug Treatment Center, Gazipur with

National Round Table Discussion on application of new methods and tools of drug use disorders diagnostics and treatment in Uzbekistan

On 25 March 2022 the UNODC Regional Office for Central Asia held a National Round Table Discussion on application of new methods and tools of drug use disorders’ diagnostics and treatment in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The meeting was attended by the officials of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan and specialists of the drug treatment system, as well as representatives of other stakeholders that are involved in the process of organizing the treatment

Compassion Satisfaction, Burnout and Secondary Traumatic Stress in Substance Use Treatment Professionals: Role of Emotional Intelligence

Abstract Objective: Present study aims to investigate the role of trait emotional intelligence in CS, BO, and STS in counselors working in the field of substance use treatment facilities. Method: A sample of 100 substance use treatment counselors was recruited from different in and outpatient treatment centers and institutes. The age ranges of entire sample was from 20 to 70 years (M = 34.00; SD = 10.43). They were assessed through Professional Quality of Life-5

Compassion Satisfaction, Burnout, Secondary Traumatic Stress and Wellbeing among Substance Use Treatment Counselors

Abstract Objective: Present study aims to investigate the role of CS, BO, and STS in the well-being of counselors working in the field of substance use treatment facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Method: A sample of 200 mental health and substance use treatment counselors were recruited from different in and outpatient treatment centers and institutes. The age ranges of the entire sample were from 18 to 58 years (M = 26.85; SD = 63). They

Presented papers in International Conference on Substance Use Disorders

Abstract Background: Meaning in life has been associated with positive mental health. However, previous findings are mixed regarding how the meaning in life (i.e., presence & search) is associated with mental health issues such as depression. Objective: The objective of the present research is to explore the predictive association of meaning in life (.e., presence & search with depression in people with substance use disorder (SUD). It was hypothesized that; 1)-There would be a predictive

UNODC Trains Team of National Trainers from Central Asia within the Advanced Level of the Universal Treatment Curriculum for Substance Use Disorders

The UNODC Regional Office for Central Asia supported a training of trainers (ToT) on Course 13 – “Contingency Management: A Reinforcement Based Treatment” and “Course 18 – “Clinical Supervision” which took place in person in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan on 10-18 March 2022. These courses are part of the Advanced Level of the Universal Treatment Curriculum for Substance Use Disorders (UTC training package). The training was organized within the framework of UNODC global project GLOJ71 “Treating drug

Have your say: WHO holds public consultation to reduce alcohol consumption

Countries of the WHO European Region need an effective policy framework to reduce alcohol consumption levels and the associated health harms. WHO is hosting 3 consultations on the draft of the “Framework to strengthen implementation of the WHO European Action Plan to Reduce the Harmful Use of Alcohol (EAPA), 2022–2025”. These consultations are with civil society, Member States and members of the public. In accordance with the regional plan for implementation of the programme budget

Wastewater analysis and drugs — a European multi-city study 2022

The analysis of municipal wastewaters for drugs and their metabolic products to estimate community consumption is a developing field, involving scientists working in different research areas, including analytical chemistry, physiology, biochemistry, sewage engineering, spatial epidemiology and statistics, and conventional drug epidemiology. This page presents the findings from studies conducted since 2011. Data from all studies can be explored through an interactive tool, and a detailed analysis of the findings of the most recent study, in

European Commission adopts measures to control two harmful new drugs amidst health concerns and surge in supply

Today, the European Commission has adopted measures to control two harmful new psychoactive substances (NPS) across the EU. The substances in question — 3-methylmethcathinone (3-MMC) and 3-chloromethcathinone (3-CMC) — are both synthetic cathinones, which have been raising concerns in Europe. The delegated act follows risk assessments conducted by the EU drugs agency (EMCDDA) in November 2021 (2) as part of a three-step legal procedure designed to respond to potentially threatening new drugs available on the

Тренінг по UTC 02 від ITRAMIC Foundation Лахор

З метою схвалення доказової практики в галузі лікування наркоманії в Пакистані, ITRAMIC Foundation Lahore організував віртуальний тренінг для лікувального персоналу та професіоналів з 19 по 28 лютого 2022 року. Навчання було передано за наступною навчальною програмою: • Навчальна програма 02: Лікування розладу вживання психоактивних речовин - континуум догляду за практикуючими наркоманами Наступні пакистанські національні тренери сприяли навчанню: • Доктор Мухаммад Амджад Чаудхрі • Підполковник (R) д-р Надім Ахмед Байва • Пані Назія Башир

Join us at the COMMISSION ON NARCOTIC DRUGS this week!

Dear friends and colleagues, The Commission on Narcotic Drugs is starting very soon! In fact, tomorrow, Monday, 14 March 2022. Once again, all sessions, as well as the side events, are to be held online due to the pandemic. The good thing about that means that, you can still follow the plenaries and the side events! That’s why we thought that you might appreciate having all the links in one place. GENERAL LINKS TO FOLLOW

Ecolink Alumnis honor Global Trainers on Intl Women's Day

Ecolink Alumnis honor global trainers as outstanding Women of the Year on Women’s day. Mangalore, India: Ecolink Alumni Association with over 200 students from 18 countries honored its Master trainers who trained over 250 addiction professionals in the most difficult Pandemic period. The award ceremony held on the International Women’s Day, March 8 honored Dr.Thirumagal V. as the “Woman of Excellence” and Ms. Aditi Ghanekar as the “Woman of Inspiration”. The chief guest of the

Final Evaluation Report of Capacity Building for Effective Implementation of UPC Core Course in NDDCB Preventive Staff, Sri Lanka

The National Dangerous Drugs Control Board (NDDCB) Act No. 13 of 1984 is an established government agency for the solution of the drug problem in Sri Lanka. It's functions include prevention, education and training, drug treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts, scientific and sociological research in the field of substance abuse, management of private treatment centers, and management of precursor chemicals. In the field of substance abuse, drug prevention is the practice of stopping or

UTC-2 Training for Addiction Treatment Professionals of South Punjab, Pakistan.

“Training of Addiction Professionals for Pakistan Addiction Treatment Practitioners” February 22-25, 2022 (8 am to 6pm) Multan, Islamic Republic of Pakistan Description: Training Name: Training of Addiction Professionals for Pakistan Locations (Country & Regions) : Multan, Islamic Republic of Pakistan Stakeholder Name (Implementing Agency) :DAP & Nishan Rehab Pakistan Start and end date of the Training : February 22-25, 2022 Timing : 8 am to 6 pm Introduction: Nishan Rehab organized Training for Pakistan addiction

Register for the 65th CND

Don't forget to register for the 65th CND! NGOs with ECOSC status can attend the 65th CND online or in person. Everyone else will be able to follow the public webcasts of the plenary. Make sure to register on time and fill out the VNGOC online form before 7th March if you want to make an oral intervention, observe the Committee of the Whole (CoW) or attend in person. Documentation and more information on the

Конкурс документів: Гібридні проекти в науці про впровадження

Гібридні проекти випробувань ефективності впровадження стають все більш поширеними в дослідженнях впровадження. Оскільки гібридні конструкції вступають у своє друге десятиліття широкого використання, розділ Frontiers in Health Services запускає тему дослідження, щоб підживити дискурс поля про минуле, сьогодення та майбутнє гібридних дизайнів у перекладі знань. Подання вітаються як оригінальні, так і / або короткі дослідження, огляд, методи та перспектива статей. Заклик стосується критичних оцінок гібридних конструкцій, інноваційного використання гібридних конструкцій у поточних випробуваннях та досягнень гібридних

Training on Universal Treatment Curriculum 01: Physiology and Pharmacology for Addiction Professionals by ITRAMIC Foundation

In order to endorse the evidence-based practices in the field of addiction treatment in Pakistan, ITRAMIC Foundation Lahore organized virtual training for treatment staff and professionals from 22nd to 29th October 2021, in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior and Narcotics Control of Pakistan. The training was imparted on the following curriculum: Curriculum 1: Physiology and Pharmacology for Addiction Professionals The following Pakistani National Trainers facilitated the training: Dr. Muhammad Amjad Chaudhry Lt. Col. (R)

UPC Community-Based Prevention Implementation Systems: Training report

In order to endorse evidence-based practices in the field of prevention in Malaysia, from 15th- 22nd December, 2021, Supreme Training & Consultancy (STC), under the banner of the Colombo Plan Drug Advisory programme (DAP) organized a virtual training for the UPC-9 Community-Based Prevention Implementation Systems for Malaysian and international professionals. STC Malaysia aim to assist parent organizations to develop trained professionals in Addiction Science based on UTC/UPC who can screen, assess, construct prevention plans, and

Inter-GLAM video contest

Introduction Inter-GLAM is a European project, co-funded by the European Union’s DG Justice Programme "Drugs Policy Initiatives - Supporting initiatives in the field of drugs policy” (JUST-2019-AG-DRUGS). The project aims to collaborate with diverse stakeholders to elaborate on global perspectives and trends shaping addictions and drug markets, and will co-produce a strand of the 4th European Conference on addictive behaviours and dependencies (LxAddictions22, 23-25 November 2022). Within the frame of the collaboration with LxAddictions22, Inter-GLAM

Bullying Prevention in Youth: Strategies for Prevention and Interventions

This training workshop was conducted at the Department of Psychology Federal Urdu University of Science and Technology, Karachi, Pakistan in collaboration with ISSUP Pakistan Chapter on Tuesday, December 28, 2021. The objective of this training workshop was to help youth develop understanding about the concept of bully and bully-victim, understand the ecological model in the context of bullying, risk factors, and consequences of Bullying including substance use in youth, and help them to develop resources