Recovery is Possible: ISSUP Botswana celebrates people and families in Recovery

As an effort to recognise Recovery Month this year ISSUP Botswana hosted a Panel Discussion on the 27th of September 2022. The panellists were a person in recovery, a family in recovery and an Addiction Professional working in recovery. The audience members included both people in recovery, addiction professionals and over 400 viewers on Facebook.


ISSUP Botswana officially launched!

The official launch of ISSUP Botswana was held on Friday, 29th April 2022. The launch which was a seamlessly executed in-person event, saw participation from various ministerial and international dignitaries.

ISSUP Botswana Launch

ISSUP Botswana would like to invite you to attend their upcoming Launch Event.

The first cohort of Botswana trained Addiction Professionals

On the 15th February 2018 Botswana held a graduation ceremony for the first cohort of locally trained Internationally Certified Addiction Professionals (ICAP) in the Universal Treatment Curriculum (UTC).


BAAP, A Step Up in Evidence Based Practice

The other day I had a conversation with a colleague over engagement of former drug users in drug demand reduction (DDR). My submission was that such practice, even though done by many, is not evidence based as no study whatsoever has affirmed the success of such practice. A program that works for DDR is the one that uses interactive methods, have weekly structured sessions and is delivered by a trained professional and/or peer!


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