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Dr. Cassian L. Nyandindi --- Chairperson - ISSUP Tanzania
Dr. Cassian L. Nyandindi
Chairperson - ISSUP Tanzania


The Tanzanian Society of Substance Use Prevention and Treatment Professionals also known as ISSUP Tanzania is the global, not for profit, non-government organization that host association for International Society of Substance Use Prevention and Treatment in Tanzania.  The Chapter supports the development of a professional prevention and treatment network, and serves as a focal point for information about substance use prevention and treatment in the country. 

The ISSUP-Tanzania Chapter is registered as a professional society in accordance with the laws of United Republic of Tanzania. ISSUP-Tanzania shall assist ISSUP objectives, vision and mission at the national level.


Our vision is to offer a national inclusive platform on professionalizing and providing substance use prevention, treatment, recovery and research to professionals undertaking and promoting high quality evidence-based practices and policies.


Our mission is to facilitate and establish a multidisciplinary platform of professionals in the field of substance use prevention, treatment, recovery and policy for evidence-based, high quality and ethical practices in Tanzania.


The activities shall include:

  • To strengthen the objective of drug demand reduction by involving more stakeholders in the field and especially at community level including healthcare workers, community organizations at grass-roots.
  • To strengthen the prevention, treatment, recovery and research activities in the country by having inclusive approach to all stakeholders dealing with drug prevention, treatment and recovery at grass-root level and national level.
  • To foster the professionalism in the field as still there no adequate experts in the subject of prevention, treatment, recovery and research activities.
  • To have a platform to share and learn on best-practices across the globe on prevention, treatment, recovery and research activities.
  • To have members across the countries that will participate in governance of organization through holding various leading positions to be formed as per demand.
  • Shall have farewell contributions from stakeholders associating and affiliating with the organization for support of the activities.
  • To officiate the organization involvement in the enhancing government objectives on drug control and enforcement to have total government support and support from international organizations interested working with us.
  • The composition of ISSUP – National Chapter will comprise stakeholders and members from various entities across the country and will be open individuals who will be interested to join and support the objectives of the chapter.


ISSUP - Tanzania Chapter is led by the Board and Executive Committee. 

Composition of the Board 

Chairperson, Secretary and Members of the Board.

Composition of the Executive Committee

Chairperson, Secretary, Head of IT and Public Relations, Head of Development and Training and Head of Fund and Organization Departments.


ISSUP-Tanzania is established and operate locally with the support of the Division of Prevention and Treatment under Drug Control and Enforcement Authority (DCEA). DCEA is the central government entity commissioned to define, promote, coordinate and implement all measures geared towards addressing and countering drug problem. The Drug Control and Enforcement Act, 2015 operating under the Prime Minister’s Office on United Republic of Tanzania. It is a center of collaborations with other relevant authority of national or international bodies carrying out activities relating to prevention, treatment and combating drugs in Tanzania. 


ISSUP Tanzania partners with national and international bodies for operation and supporting of its activities that have been established to work on prevention and treatment of substance use disorders, training and professional development including:

  1. International organizations: EU-ACT, UNODC, WHO, Colombo Plan, etc.
  2. Local – Governmental Organizations: Ministry responsible for Health, Ministry responsible for Education, Ministry responsible for Security, etc.
  3. Local – Non Governmental Organizations; NGOs, CBOs, FBOs, etc.


The activities of ISSUP – Tanzania shall be support by cash and in kind from:

  1. Membership fees
  2. Gift and kind from local and international partners
  3. From activities and projects developed for the purpose of securing fund
  4. Any other legitimate source.


  1. Drug Demand or Harm Reduction Professional Membership

This level of membership is for those who have specific qualifications, expertise and experience directly linked to the drug demand or harm reduction field.

A member in this category should meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • A minimum of 5 years significant and relevant experience working in the field of drug demand or harm reduction (Prevention, Treatment or Recovery Support)
  • Demonstrate a specific professional qualification in a field that is directly related to drug demand or harm reduction as one of its fundamental purposes
  • Demonstrate completion of internationally recognized training relevant to drug demand or harm reduction
  • Hold relevant qualifications/credentials related to substance use disorder prevention, treatment, and recovery support
  1. Professional Membership

These are those members who are engaged in a specified role within the field of substance use prevention, treatment, or recovery support.

Member shall hold a related professional qualification/credential/certification or have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in that role.

This includes professions such as; Medical Professionals, Psychologists, Social workers, Religious leaders, Teachers, Youth workers, Community workers and Academics.

  1. Regular Membership

For interested, non-professional members (can include CBOs, FBOs, volunteers, family members, community organizers, or non-accredited members).

  1. Student Membership

For those studying, attending an educational institution, or training in any drug demand and harm reduction related discipline. Upon graduation or completion of training they can upgrade to become a Regular or Professional member.


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