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The University of Argentine Social Museum (in Spanish: Universidad del Museo Social Argentino, UMSA) represents the International Society of Substance Use Professionals (ISSUP) in Argentina through the establishment of the ISSUP National Chapter in Argentina. 

ISSUP is a membership-based organization that encourages all those interested in the area of drug demand reduction to be part of this community for free.

This representation is the result of an institutional commitment of several years.

In the development of drug policies over the past decade, the process leading up to the United Nations resolution UNGASS 2016 stands out, leaving behind old paradigms for tackling the problem of substance use. This resolution states among the main ideas that drug policies must be defined from a public health perspective, observing Human Rights, the gender perspective and fundamentally that policies should also be based on scientific evidence.

In tune with this perspective, the University of Argentine Social Museum (UMSA) has incorporated, especially in the degree courses of the Faculty of Human Sciences, specific contents that have promoted the increase of the development of thesis on the subject. However, it should be noted that already in 2009, the University was a participating member of the design of the minimum curriculum contents on "Addictions", prepared by the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD) of the Organization of American States (OAS), for the careers of Psychology, Nursing, Medicine and Law. These contents were published in 2010 by the OAS/CICAD and distributed in all 34 OAS member countries.

Over the last decade, numerous training conferences and seminars have been carried out. In turn, agreements have been signed with Government Agencies, with the aim of coordinating actions and creating areas of professional practice related to the problem of drug use.

Since 2015, the University has been part of the UNESCO Chair on Social Issues and from this space specific conferences on the subject have also been organized. In addition, at the beginning of 2017, an agreement was signed with the Colombo Plan to provide specific training on the consumption of psychoactive substances and the University once again became part of the OAS/CICAD network of universities that address the issue.

All this academic development and different actions to link with the community, resulted in having a wide network of contacts with Civil Society Organizations and Government Agencies, which today shape this space whose main objective is to generate networks for the exchange of knowledge, information and good practices on the consumption of psychoactive substances.

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