сентября 2023

2023 Annual SRNT-E Conference

Location: London

SRNT-E is a scientific society whose mission is to stimulate the generation and dissemination of new knowledge concerning nicotine and tobacco in all its manifestations, from cellular to societal, across research disciplines, with the ultimate goal of reducing the harms of tobacco and nicotine-containing products around the globe. Its focus is on work carried out on the European continent, to connect researchers, policy makers, advocates, clinicians and other relevant parties.

SRNT-E 2023 will take place from 11-13 September 2023 in London, Bush House, Aldwych

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International Recovery Symposium 2023

Location: Kuching, Малайзия

IRS 2023

Experience the the world's first international recovery symposium in Borneo.

Interact with and gain insights from international healthcare professionals including professors, doctors, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, mental health counselors, caregivers, and researchers in the field of addiction therapy and recovery, behavioral health, psychiatry, and drug demand reduction.

When: Sep 18-21, 2023

Where: Imperial Hotel, Kuching, Malaysia

Early Bird Fee ends 31-May 2023!

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International Recovery Day

Location: International , Соединённые Штаты Америки

Until now, recovery communities have been limited to uniting and celebrating recovery by holding local rallies, walks, and other events. Through the use of the Internet we can now bridge the geographical and time zone barriers, allowing us to join all folks in recovery from all addictions, including all recovery pathways – all around the globe – all on the same day. We invite you to join our International Recovery Day community worldwide by registering on this site today. We will then send you a token by email that will allow you to launch your own virtual firework this September 30th.

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