Thailand Country Profile

Flag of Thailand Country Profile

Drug policy

  • Compulsory treatment for people with drug use disorders
  • Availability of programmes that divert clients away from the criminal justice system towards treatment for drug use disorders

Treatment and Recovery Services

  • Government unit responsible for treatment services for SUD
  • Budget line in annual budget of government for SUD treatment services
  • Taxes provide the most important source of funding for alcohol and drugs treatment programmes
  • Specialised treatment for alcohol and drug use disorders
  • Methadone is used for opioid dependence for detoxification
  • Psychiatric Nurses, Social Workers and GPs are the three most important health professionals for the treatment of those with alcohol and/or drug use disorders

Prevention Services

  • Government unit responsible for the prevention of SUD
  • Budget line in annual budget for prevention of SUD
  • State government provides the most importance financial source for prevention services for SUD
  • Prevention services are available via mass media channels, school-based programmes and community-based programmes
  • Thailand has a community-based needle exchange programme