Online Conference

The online conference took place from 12th May –18th May of 2022, showcasing the substance use situation and the responses around the world.

Throughout this week-long event, an international audience of more than 2,000 substance use prevention, treatment, and recovery-support professionals came together in person, and an additional 700 + participants joined virtually to exchange knowledge and practices focused on promoting healthy lifestyles. 

There were 155 hours of online content, including:

Live broadcast of our conference in Abu Dhabi

  • 77 Country Reports, detailing the current state of drug use and the responses by their country’s government and/or civil society networks.
  • 25 National Chapters showcasing their work and discussing issues of importance related to substance use disorder prevention, treatment, and recovery support in their country.
  • 38 Researchers, sharing their research and evidence-based practice and policies.
  • 17 Partner Profiles, introducing their missions, programs, and resources to support the workforce and activities.
  • 08 Voices of ISSUP: members sharing their inspiring stories of work within the drug demand reduction field.
  • 09 sessions -NRC –workshop series
  • 700 + members interacting in our Networking Lounge, a place created to interact and connect.

Recordings of the Country Reports, National Chapters, Partner Profiles and Voices of ISSUP will become available over the coming days. Stay tuned!