What is ISSUP?

The International Society of Substance Use Prevention and Treatment Professionals (ISSUP) is a global, not for profit, non-government organisation to support the development of a professional prevention and treatment network. It serves as a focal point for information about substance use prevention and treatment.

ISSUP’s contribution is informed by science and research, promoting evidence based, high quality and ethical approaches and practice to substance use prevention and treatment. It does this through this unique website, providing access to up to date information and support for the substance use prevention and treatment community. The website, along with an annual international meeting also offers training and networking opportunities as well as resources that support the professionalisation of the workforce.

ISSUP Vision

A connected, trained, knowledgeable, and effective international network of substance use prevention and treatment professionals undertaking and promoting high-quality, evidence based, and ethical substance use prevention and treatment.

ISSUP Mission

To establish Substance Use Prevention and Treatment as a unique and multidisciplinary field through the professionalisation and development of its network of substance use prevention and treatment professionals.


ISSUP is a membership organisation, developing a professional workforce with the competencies and skills required to deliver high quality, evidence-based, ethical prevention and treatment services. ISSUP aims to:

  • Represent the international and national communities of substance use prevention and treatment professionals
  • Develop and deliver knowledge systems for evidence-based prevention and treatment
  • Provide opportunities for and access to training, education, and credentials
  • Offer communication and networking opportunities taking place online and at ISSUP events

ISSUP Objectives

ISSUP seeks to operate in the following areas in order to achieve the stated outcomes:

  • Promote the continuing professional development of substance use professionals
  • Provide information on professional development / training and credentialing, in particular on the Universal Prevention Curriculum (UPC) and the Universal Treatment Curriculum (UTC)
  • Build and maintain a database of UPC/UTC trainings, trainers, and trainees.
  • Promote recognised UPC/UTC training providers
Knowledge Share
  • Share research, latest news and events
  • Promote effective, evidence based activity and application
  • Engage members to share their knowledge, news and questions
  • Facilitate members’ networking, communication and collaboration
  • Encourage professional development from member to professional member level
  • Provide a code of ethics for ISSUP members
ISSUP events
  • Hold an annual ISSUP conference in collaboration with other agencies
  • Share knowledge, evidence based practice and science  
  • Expand ISSUP membership
  • Provide international networking opportunities
  • Host UPC/UTC training opportunities
National Chapters
  • Engage substance use prevention and treatment professionals within their national context
  • Connect national chapters as part of the Global ISSUP community
  • Ensure shared ISSUP mission, vision and ethics
  • Strengthen and protect the ISSUP brand
  • Establish and operate ISSUP as a not for profit company under English law
  • Establish a Board of Directors and necessary meeting and reporting procedures
  • Secure funding to sustain ISSUP’s operations
  • Provide an attractive, easy to use, accessible website in support of the objectives of ISSUP’s work
  • Raise awareness of ISSUP, expand membership and promote attendance at annual conference
  • Define and strengthen the ISSUP brand