How to Become a National Chapter

If you are interested in establishing a National Chapter, we welcome interest from credible host organisations.

Once you become a National Chapter, you will be part of a global drug demand reduction community, where you will operate at the local level, as well as engage with other National Chapters around the world.

Process of establishing a National Chapter: 

  1. Expression of Interest - send an email with your organisation's details to nationalchapter [at] issup [dot] net 
  2. ISSUP releases a tender announcement to the country for any organisation to apply
  3. Review applications against criteria and in consultation with regional partners
  4. Establish and launch the National Chapter

If you would like to learn more about being a National Chapter, please see our National Chapters Guidelines below for further information. Or view our current, established National Chapters, where you can learn more about who they are, what they do, and their latest news and activities.

What are the benefits of operating as a ISSUP National Chapter?

  • Coordination and support to local networks of organisations working in drug demand reduction
  • Establishment of strong links with major stakeholders working in the drug demand reduction field including government, national and international agencies
  • Collaboration on research, training, webinars, events and practice with other National Chapters
  • Sharing information, news, research and events with the international drug demand reduction community through ISSUP’s website and online communications
  • Access to important learning, research, news and information from other countries 
  • Training the national workforce
  • Becoming a member of the international ISSUP family
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