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Welcome to Uzbekistan - the territory associated with the activities of the famous physician Ibn Sina (Avicenna). His Canon of Medicine is still considered the main source of medical knowledge in the world. 

The International Society of Substance Use Professionals (ISSUP) Uzbekistan is a non-profit, non-government entity established for the goal of marketing high quality, evidence-based and ethical substance use prevention, treatment and recovery network.

ISSUP Uzbekistan strives to be the one of main points for information and networking among Central Asian professionals and aspiring ones working in the field of drug demand reduction.

The National Chapter of the Republic of Uzbekistan aims are:

  • Prevention, treatment and recovery training
  • Research
  • Conferences, lectures and online webinars
  • Joint activities with other national chapters
  • Meetings, round tables with professionals working in the country
  • Promote evidence-based knowledge about addiction, treatment and rehabilitation for people with substance use disorders.
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