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ISSUP INDONESIA was born when it was inspired by an international meeting held by ISSUP global in Vienna, June 2019. Based on that inspiration, KMF took the initiative and proactive to form and establish ISSUP Indonesia with the other stakeholders. This is possible because there has been good cooperation between KMF and various stakeholders both organized and run by the private institutes and the government with the same concern in dealing with the addiction issues in Indonesia. Although there has been work so far, but they still have different visions, missions and goals so that they seem to walk on their own.

Therefore, in a recent informal meeting in October 2019 at the BNN Office (National Narcotic Board of Indonesia), Jakarta – by the representatives from the government and the private institutes – they finally agreed that it was necessary to establish ISSUP Indonesia under ISSUP global as a national platform involving, strengthening and uniting all stakeholders in Indonesia with one vision, mission and goal. By this, the service to various forms of addiction cases can be carried out effectively and efficiently. Following this, ISSUP Indonesia formulates its vision, mission and objective (goal) as the basic direction of the organization and they are outlined in various strategic programs and activities either short, medium or long term.



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