Welcome to ISSUP’s National Chapters

What are National Chapters?

ISSUP National Chapters make a unique contribution to ISSUP’s mission at the national level.

They undertake the role and work of ISSUP as the national focal point for prevention, treatment and recovery.

They ensure ISSUP’s contribution is relevant to different cultures, environments and countries in creating a network which promotes and facilitates the professionalisation of the drug demand reduction workforce.

The map shows where ISSUP has or is in the process of establishing National Chapters.

Map showing countries with existing and in-progress ISSUP National Chapters

Finally, ISSUP National Chapters are there to grow and support ISSUP members. ISSUP’s focus is to provide its members with the relevant tools, opportunities, and abilities to operate as informed professionals within the field of drug demand reduction. 

Through its National Chapters, the needs of ISSUP members at the national level are addressed.

ISSUP is proud of its National Chapter focus due to the activities being undertaken and excellent achievements being achieved by the National Chapters currently in action and what they are providing for ISSUP members.

What are the benefits of operating as a ISSUP National Chapter?

  • Coordination and support to local networks of organisations working in drug demand reduction
  • Establishing strong links with major stakeholders working in the drug demand reduction field including government, national and international agencies
  • Collaboration on research, training, webinars, events and practice with other National Chapters
  • Ability to share information, news, research and events with the international drug demand reduction community through ISSUP’s website and other activities
  • Access to important learning, research, news and information from other countries through ISSUP’s website, activities, networks and its Addictology Journal
  • Training and other practical activities and contributions to the national drug demand reduction effort
  • Becoming a member of the international ISSUP family to provide, share and access to evidence-based, high quality and ethical substance use prevention, treatment and recovery

For further information please link to the National Chapter websites or contact nationalchapter [at] issup [dot] net

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