National Chapters

An ISSUP National Chapter is a nationally located host organisation operating with the recognition, endorsement and support of international ISSUP as part of the international network of ISSUP. The National Chapter status is offered on the basis of an application process to Global ISSUP to ensure that the host organisation is considered acceptable to achieve the status of a National Chapter of ISSUP.

The National Chapter will operate as representative of Global ISSUP at the national level. In certain circumstances there can be more than one National Chapter in a particular country to promote country wide coverage.

The ISSUP National Chapter will operate at a local level in accordance with the terms and conditions provided by Global ISSUP and outlined within the National Chapter Guide and as stated within a Memorandum of Understanding that has to be agreed and signed by the host organisation and (Global) ISSUP. Individuals or groups who wish to establish an ISSUP National Chapter must first become an organisation who could then apply for National Chapter status.

Each National Chapter will focus on building a national membership of ISSUP with its focus on promoting and supporting evidence-based, high quality, ethical policy and practice in substance use prevention and treatment.

Currently there are 3 National Chapters (Philippines, Pakistan and Kenya) and 5 National Chapters under establishment (Brazil, South Africa, India, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates).

What are the benefits for your organisation?

  1. Becoming a National Chapter allows an organisation to contribute and learn from becoming an active part of the international substance use prevention and treatment community
  2. It increases the credibility and reputation of the host organisation by being seen as a major national and international player in the field
  3. It becomes an active contributor to the ISSUP website and allows the host organisation to learn from the contributions provided by other national and international organisations inputs to the ISSUP website
  4. It offers a “badge” and status of the host organisation who would be regarded as a lead organisation in the field due to its acknowledgment from Global ISSUP as a National ISSUP.
  5. It will be able to play an active part in the ISSUP Annual Event
  6. It will be able to access information and technical support from Global ISSUP and from other National Chapters.
  7. The National Chapter is added to the ISSUP contact list and recipient of all relevant ISSUP communications
  8. It is provided with access to relevant ISSUP resources and networks
  9. It is able to attend ISSUP-related meetings as requested and publicly state it is an ISSUP National Chapter
  10. It ensures ongoing dialogue and shared communications with Global ISSUP
  11. It supports the writing and implementation of its work plan as agreed with Global ISSUP
  12. It allows the Chapter, with the host organisation, to build a “modus operandi” for ongoing activity and communications with Global ISSUP
  13. It can raise funds as it builds the membership of the National Chapter operation of the host organisation
  14. It encourages recognition of the host organisation by the National Chapter’s Government and the International Organisations that support ISSUP’s work.

For further details about establishing an ISSUP National Chapter please contact nationalchapter [at] issup [dot] net