Issue 2/2023

  • ISSUP Oral Presentation for Lisbon Addictions 2022: Facilitating an Introduction to Evidence-based Prevention: INEP Plus
  • Gender-Based Violence among Women who Use Drugs: A Quantitative and Qualitative Study in 6 EU Countries
  • How does the Excise Tax Affect Secondhand Smokers and the Health Consequences of such Addiction?
  • “It Looks Like an Accessory”: Perception of Heated Tobacco Products and its Marketing Communication among Generation Z
  • Sports Betting and Depression among Youths in the SouthSouth Region of Nigeria
  • Analysis of the Impact of Consumption Taxes on the Development of Alcohol Addiction in Selected OECD Countries and Slovakia
  • Male Patient Drop-Out from Addiction Inpatient Treatment in the Czech Republic: A Study Protocol
  • Systematic Review of Quality Standards in Competency-Based Postgraduate and Continual Addictology Education of Physicians: Study Protocol

Issue 1/2023

  • Implementation of Quality Standards in Drug Demand Reduction: Preliminary Findings from the FENIQS-EU Project
  • Substance Use Disorder Treatment Quality Standards in Lithuania 1992–2022: From Grassroots Initiatives to Nationwide Strategies
  • Quality Assurance Policy in Harm Reduction Services in the Czech Republic: A Case Study of a National System
  • National Implementation of Quality Standards in Prevention and Treatment Services for Substance Use/ Addictions – A Case Study of Cyprus
  • The Implementation of Quality Standards (QS) at Coolmine Therapeutic Community
  • The ASPIRE Standards: Taking a Step Towards Quality Assurance in Drug Prevention in France – A Case Study
  • Implementing Quality Measurement in the Field of Drug Treatment and Harm Reduction: A Case Study in Flanders
  • The Process of the Implementation of Quality Standards in Drug Prevention in Croatia: A Case Study
  • Spanish Project of Best Practice Portal in Drug Demand Reduction and Behavioural Addictions

Issue 4/2022

  • The Influence of Persuasive Messages to Quit Smoking by Media Advertisements
  • The Amount of Excise Tax and its Effect on the Consumption of Alcohol and Cigarettes in European Countries
  • The COVID-19 Global Pandemic and Changes in Preference and Behaviour Regarding Selected Anabolic Androgenic Substances and Steroids – A Comparative Study
  • Bion’s Basic Assumption Groups in the Regimen Treatment of Addictions: Clinical Implications
  • Psychoactive Prescription Drug Abuse: Selected Psychological Symptoms and Quality of Life in Addiction Treatment. Study Protocol
  • Analysis of the Media Image and Presentation of Direct and Hidden Advertising of Alcohol in Selected Czech Mass Communication Media. Study Protocol

Issue 3/2022

  • Epidemiological Study of Suicidal Ideation and Suicidal Behaviour Among Patients with Substance Use Disorders in a Rehabilitation and Treatment Centre for Addiction in Dubai

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