School-Based Violence Training

On October 15 and 22, 2022, The National LEAD Institute conducted a School-Based Violence Prevention Training

The National LEAD Institute Workforce Development Training for Ministry of Education

The Universal Prevention Curriculum and the Universal Treatment Curriculum provide training programs for those wishing to develop their professional knowledge, skills, and competence in addressing substance use prevention and delivering treatment services to individuals and their families.


MRT Facilitators Certification Training

The National LEAD Institute facilitated an MRT Facilitators Certification Training for thirteen participants from various government agencies. This training took place from March 29 to April 1, 2022.

د ملی لیډ انستیتیوت د قضیو مدیریت او د بحران د مداخلې روزنه

د ملی لیډ انستیتیوت، د ټولنې اصلاحی سازمان چې مرکز یې په باهاما کې دی ، په دې وروستیو کې د قضیې د مدیریت او د بحران د مداخلې په برخه کې د روزنې غونډه تر سره کړه. د کورس په اړه د نورو معلوماتو لپاره ولولئ.

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