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The National Rehabilitation Center NRC) is in the forefront of Drug and Alcohol Demand Reduction in the UAE and in the Middle East region. It is now the “host” organisation for an ISSUP National Chapter in line with United Arab Emirates Government Strategy and the strategy of the NRC.

The NRC is considered a reference centre in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of addicted individuals and carrying out related research in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It is also a WHO Collaborative Centre. The NRC is mandated work on policy development and training and runs courses, organize forums, conferences and workshops to achieve these objectives.

NRC and ISSUP’s partnership through the National Chapter aims is to support and develop a network of specialists in the field prevention and treatment of addiction. It aims to disseminate information on research and relevant activities in the UAE and the regions through the ISSUP website. 

The ISSUP UAE National Chapter will function in collaboration with the UAE Anti-Narcotics Council, which includes all the key stakeholders in this area. H.E. Dr Hamad Al Ghafri the Director General of the NRC who will Chair the National Chapter is also the Chair of the Higher Committee on Treatment, Rehabilitation and Social Reintegration of the National Council. The ISSUP National Chapter Committee will be formed from members of these organizations.

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