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ISSUP supports the professional development of those working within substance use prevention, treatment and recovery. Here you will find information about available positions in the field from around the globe. We welcome ISSUP members to share advertisements for current vacancies in this category. Log in and post your job to the ISSUP job board.

Specialty Doctor

  • Location: المملكة المتحدة
  • Area of Work: Programme Delivery
  • Closing date:


Change Grow Live is looking to recruit a Specialty doctor for their in-patient substance misuse service in Birmingham.


The post holder will work under the Consultant Psychiatrist for the service and have the responsibility to work with a multi-disciplinary team to provide holistic care for service users.

The post-holder will contribute to the service to ensure that service users consistently receive high-quality services that adhere to the best practice guidelines and achieve high professional standards. They will be responsible for contributing to the overall performance of the service to ensure that contractual output targets are achieved. They will be required to record and input client data and information in order that the service operates within contractual, administrative and financial requirements.

The successful candidate will be expected to provide a constant stimulus for improving clinical services and be a role model. They will have a recovery-focussed approach to treatment.
The successful candidate will be able to access a well-developed monthly CPD program, receive regular structured supervision and be fully supported in the appraisal and revalidation structure. All doctors within CGL receive weekly protected CPD and are encouraged and supported to get involved in clinical audit and research. Applicants for the above role should have experience in addiction medicine.

Submitted on الخميس 6th أغسطس 2020 - 11:06

Postdoctoral Fellow: The University of Tennessee

  • Location: الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية
  • Area of Work: Research
  • Closing date:

The Department of Preventive Medicine at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, TN is seeking a postdoctoral Fellow. This position provides strong mentorship and an excellent opportunity to further research skills for a career in academia, government, or industry.

The Department of Preventive Medicine is a large, interdisciplinary department that conducts large single-site and multi-site clinical trials as well as observational studies. The faculty represent a wide range of disciplines including preventive medicine, epidemiology, biostatistics, informatics, psychology, and health promotion.

We are seeking a fellow with interests in child, adolescent, and young adult development; substance misuse and co-occurring internalizing and externalizing problems; evidence-based prevention programs and policies; advanced longitudinal and evaluation research methods; and community engagement.

The fellow will primarily work with W. Alex Mason, PhD. The candidate will have the opportunity to collaborate with other faculty inside and outside the Department of Preventive Medicine. The position will be for one year, renewable up to three years depending on productivity.

Candidates are expected to have an understanding of research study design, and a willingness to broaden their skill set in clinical research.

Submitted on الخميس 6th أغسطس 2020 - 11:03

Assistante sociale Addictologie

  • Location: فرنسا
  • Area of Work: Programme Delivery
  • Closing date:

Offres d'emploi à l'hôpital et dans le secteur social et médico-social

Fédération Hospitalière de France 2020 Nous recherchons un(e) Assistante sociale Addictologie à 80%. Le Centre Hospitalier de Calais dans le cadre d'un remplacement de congé maternité, une assistante sociale pour le CSAPA : Centre De Soins d'Accompagnement et de Prévention en Addictologie.

L'assistante Sociale

  • Ecoute, informe, oriente les consultants
  • Evalue la situation et pose un diagnostic social
  • Accompagne les consultants en difficultés avec leur consommation de substances psychoactives, alcool, tabac, addiction sans substance (jeux)
  • Accompagne l'entourage du consultant
  • Apporte une aide administrative, matérielle, humaine, financière
  • Travaille en étroite collaboration avec les équipes pluridisciplinaires
  • Participe aux réunions de synthèse, de service en interne
  • Participe aux réunions partenariales.

Merci d'adresser votre candidature à Mme Dominique LEGRAND, cadre socio éducatif.

  • Localisation : Centre Hospitalier CALAIS
Submitted on الخميس 6th أغسطس 2020 - 09:22

Research Project Assistant: The University of Vermont

  • Location: الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية
  • Area of Work: Research
  • Closing date:

Posting Summary: Provide technical and administrative assistance and perform data management functions in support of University research projects. At the direction of the Principal Investigator, curate genomic and neuroimaging datasets for the ENIGMA Addiction Consortium Study, a federally funded research study in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Vermont.

Submitted on الخميس 6th أغسطس 2020 - 08:22

Research Assistant- Universitry of Maryland Baltimore

  • Location: الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية
  • Area of Work: Research
  • Closing date:

The Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology at the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) School of Medicine is seeking a Laboratory Research Assistant to investigate neural circuits of chronic pain and addiction. The Research Assistant will be responsible for histological procedures, animal handling and management and genotyping, training in behavioural tasks, and data analyses.

Essential Functions:

  • Perform advanced laboratory research activities, including animal handling and training in behavioural tasks, managing animal colonies, and performing genotyping.
  • Perform stereotaxic rodent surgery to implant neurochemical or neurophysiological hardware. Prepare brain tissue for histology, lesion reconstruction.
  • Assist lab researchers in ongoing experiments including electrophysiological recordings, behavioural studies, or histology experiments.
  • Perform routine laboratory maintenance and research activities such as: general housekeeping, maintaining lab records and logs, and ordering and stocking laboratory supplies using a University purchase card, preparing solutions, media, stains, and buffers.
  • May participate in the design of research studies.
  • Compile and analyze research data using various relevant computer software applications.
  • Assist with literature research, editing and preparing manuscripts, scientific illustrations and computer graphics for publication.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.
Submitted on الثلاثاء 4th أغسطس 2020 - 09:28

Postdoctoral Researcher- University of Edinburgh

  • Location: المملكة المتحدة
  • Area of Work: Research
  • Closing date:

The University of Edinburgh is seeking to appoint a Postdoctoral Researcher in the field of ‘Environment and Health for a period of 4 years to contribute a UK Prevention Research Partnership (UKPRP) Consortium – SPECTRUM (Shaping Public hEalth poliCies To Reduce ineqUalities and harm)

The successful candidate will play a lead role in a programme of work aiming to identify how the local environment can be shaped to change behaviour, prevent harm and reduce inequalities. The aim is to examine the intended and unintended impacts of (and interventions in) the local commercial environment on the consumption of unhealthy commodities. The focus of this role will be to conduct spatial and quantitative analyses, contribute to final publications and help to accelerate the impact of the research.

Submitted on الثلاثاء 4th أغسطس 2020 - 09:25

Research Fellow- The University of Edinburgh

  • Location: المملكة المتحدة
  • Area of Work: Research
  • Closing date:

he School of Social and Political Science is looking to appoint to the post of Research Fellow for the SPECTRUM project (Shaping Public hEalth poliCies To Reduce ineqUalities and harm -, a consortium of universities and partner organisations funded by the UK Prevention Research Partnership.

Based in the Global Health Policy Unit, Social Policy, the post holder will contribute to the development of a programme of high-quality research on regulating the commercial determinants of health, focusing on alcohol, tobacco, and ultra-processed food. 

Submitted on الثلاثاء 4th أغسطس 2020 - 09:22

Research Coodinator- Swansea University

  • Location: المملكة المتحدة
  • Area of Work: Research
  • Closing date:

The post-holder will help to coordinate the Gambling Research, Evaluation and Treatment (GREAT) Network Wales, which is funded by Welsh Government through Health and Care Research Wales. The GREAT Network Wales aims to develop research grant capacity in relation to gambling research and to undertake associated dissemination and networking activities.

This post is part time (0.4 FTE), available from October 1st 2020 for 24 months.

Submitted on الثلاثاء 4th أغسطس 2020 - 09:18

Dan Norman Early Career Research Fellowship in (Bio)medical Sciences Specialising in Addiction Research

  • Location: المملكة المتحدة
  • Area of Work: Research
  • Closing date:

The Dan Norman Early Career Research Fellowship in (Bio)medical Sciences specializing in addiction research is available for a fixed term of three years from  1 October 2020. 

The College proposes to elect an outstanding early career scientist who is undertaking funded research into addiction in one or more of the following disciplines: experimental psychology; neuroscience; pharmacology; physiology, anatomy and genetics; and psychiatry.

The purpose of this ECF is to support, mentor, and build the experience (including of teaching) of an early career researcher who has won long-term independent support against nationally or internationally competitive fields and who has creative research ideas in an eligible discipline. 


Submitted on الثلاثاء 4th أغسطس 2020 - 09:16

PhD Scholarship

  • Location: أستراليا
  • Area of Work: Research
  • Closing date:

Title: Women, Alcohol and Breast Cancer Prevention

Context: Consuming alcohol increases the risk of breast cancer (alcohol is a class 1 carcinogenic). Women in midlife are amongst Australia’s heaviest alcohol consumers. Acceptance of communication about the breast cancer risk associated with alcohol consumption is complex. Uptake and response to risk-based messaging hinges on whether women perceive themselves to be personally at risk of or a ‘candidate’ for cancer.

Description: For this PhD, numerous possible topics might be explored within the theme of alcohol-related risk and breast cancer ‘candidacy’. The PhD candidate will devise an original project in collaboration with the research team, depending on the candidate’s disciplinary and research interests.

Submitted on الاثنين 3rd أغسطس 2020 - 12:04

Senior Technical Officer

  • Location: أستراليا
  • Area of Work: Research
  • Closing date:

The Healthy Brain and Mind Research Centre aims to advance knowledge critical to improving mental health, performance and well-being.

The Senior Technical Officer will join a high-quality research team. The role will provide high-level technical support to researchers in the Neuroscience of Addiction and Mental Health Program.

More specifically the role entails:

  • Designing and implementing automated pipelines for processing of behavioral and multimodal MRI data using relevant software (e.g. SPM, FSL, Matlab, Python) etc
  • Computer programming and use of technical equipment to run neuroscientific experiments
  • Providing technical expertise for the operation and maintenance of equipment for neuroimaging and cognitive testing.
Submitted on الاثنين 3rd أغسطس 2020 - 12:01

Postdoctoral Research Associate

  • Location: الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية
  • Area of Work: Research
  • Closing date:

Current research with a priori specified health economics aims includes an NIH-funded Center with three multilevel behavioural intervention trials for improving blood pressure control in people with hypertension:

  • a community-based intervention to increase the availability of healthy foods (American Indians);
  • a provider- and patient-based intervention using home blood pressure monitoring and targeted physician alerts in a healthcare organization (Alaska Natives);
  • and a peer-facilitated educational intervention that emphasizes low salt, healthy diets based on traditional foods (Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders).
  • reduce alcohol-related morbidity and mortality in American Indian and Alaska Native people:
  • an intervention to prevent alcohol-exposed pregnancies among women of child-bearing age engaged in risky drinking behaviours;
  • an intervention that incorporates a traditional cultural practice for reducing alcohol use among for individuals with alcohol use disorders;
  • and an intervention to facilitate the transition from alcohol detoxification to appropriate outpatient treatment programs.
Submitted on الاثنين 3rd أغسطس 2020 - 11:54

External Relations Officer

  • Location: بلجيكا
  • Area of Work: Programme Delivery
  • Closing date:

This position is located at the UNODC Brussels Liaison Office to the European Union (EU) and its institutions, to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), to the World Customs Organisation (WCO) and to the Belgian Government, in Brussels, Belgium. The incumbent will work under the direct supervision of the Representative of the UNODC Brussels Liaison Office (BRULO).

The incumbent will contribute to strengthening relations with all relevant EU institutions and services, in particular with the European External Action Service (EEAS), the Council, the Commission Services, the European Parliament and its relevant Committees and Delegations. 

Submitted on الخميس 16th يوليو 2020 - 10:03

PhD Opportunity- Edinburgh Napier University

  • Location: المملكة المتحدة
  • Area of Work: Research
  • Closing date:


Project Title

Public health prevention within urban spaces: a citizen science enquiry.

About the Project

Advantages of living in cities, with relatively high population density, include: opportunities for social interaction, education, employment, access to health diagnostics and treatment, active travel and integrated modes of transport. However, negative aspects of population density can include: traffic congestion, noise, light and air pollution, industrial emissions, greater access to outlets that supply alcohol, tobacco and convenience foods, neighbourhood segregation and low public trust. 

If you are interested in investigating the burden of non-communicable diseases within urban areas in order to determine how to increase conditions that promote health, you may be interested in this interdisciplinary opportunity. 

Applications accepted all year round

Submitted on الجمعة 3rd يوليو 2020 - 08:33

PhD Opportunity- Northumbria University

  • Location: المملكة المتحدة
  • Area of Work: Research
  • Closing date:

Project Title

Narrative therapy, a potential intervention for student-athlete hazardous drinking.

About the Project

Hazardous alcohol consumption is the most prevalent public health concern on university campuses in the UK and Ireland. Student-athletes have been identified as being particularly at risk for hazardous drinking and, importantly, also highly resistant to current alcohol interventions. The proposed PhD will critically consider the utility of an alternative intervention approach, narrative therapy, to addressing this issue. 

Applications accepted all year round

Submitted on الجمعة 3rd يوليو 2020 - 08:30

PhD Opportunity- University of Reading

  • Location: المملكة المتحدة
  • Area of Work: Research
  • Closing date:

Project Title: Co-designing alcohol Interventions in low income-counties

About the Project: "Background Alcohol use has been identified as the cause of approximately 3.3 million deaths worldwide every year, approximately 5.9% of all deaths (WHO, 2014). Harmful alcohol use is one of the four causes of Non-communicable diseases (NCD), and the risks from these are greatest in low- income countries. However, most NCD-related deaths could be prevented or reduced through cost-effective and feasible interventions, especially if delivered through primary health care which is likely to support early detection of harm and provide timely treatment. 

Student will have opportunities to apply Participatory Action Research to explore the health and social impact of alcohol use on individuals and communities from high and/or low-income countries. These findings will be used to co-design health interventions to determine its feasibility and level of engagement. 

Applications accepted all year round.

Submitted on الجمعة 3rd يوليو 2020 - 08:27

Funded PhD Opportunity- Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

  • Location: ايرلندا
  • Area of Work: Research
  • Closing date:


The epidemiology and associated burden of potentially serious alcohol-medication interactions in ageing populations in Ireland and the UK

About the Project: 

How the body handles alcohol changes as we get older. 

Alcohol-medication interactions may increase the risk of hypoglycaemia, hypotension, sedation, gastro-intestinal bleeding and liver damage. 

The proposed study plans to harness the rich longitudinal information on alcohol consumption and co-occurring medication use among older adults in Ireland and the UK using existing databases such as the Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA), the English Longitudinal Study on Ageing (ELSA) and Whitehall II. 

This project involves collaboration between the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and the University of Cambridge, and will involve a three-month placement at the University of Cambridge

Submitted on الجمعة 3rd يوليو 2020 - 08:21

Clinical Research Director

  • Location: المملكة المتحدة
  • Area of Work: Research
  • Closing date:

Role description:

Quit Genius looking for an experienced researcher who can lead the research function here at Quit Genius. In this role, you will be responsible for driving the research strategy to build on our evidence base for our tobacco cessation program as well as establish the evidence base for our newly launched addiction programmes for vaping, alcohol abuse and opioid abuse. This person will be responsible for all aspects of developing and building research operations to advance the clinical evidence of our programmes. 

Key Responsibilities:

Build and deliver a multi-year clinical research strategy to position the company to become leaders in digital therapeutics research, including the development, implementation, and management of clinical studies.

Manage and build a best-in-class research capability that provides Quit Genius a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Lead on the end-to-end management and delivery of clinical research studies for all our addiction management platforms (tobacco, vaping, opioid and alcohol).



Submitted on الاثنين 22nd يونيو 2020 - 09:30

PhD Studentship

  • Location: المملكة المتحدة
  • Area of Work: Research
  • Closing date:

Project Title: Mental health and cognitive impacts of cannabis use across the life course.

The University of Exeter and the University of Queensland are seeking exceptional students to join a world-leading, cross-continental research team tackling major challenges facing the world’s population in global sustainability and wellbeing as part of the QUEX Institute.

Project Description: Under the healthy living theme of the QUEX partnership this project will aim to understanding individual differences in risk of mental health and cognitive deficits associated with cannabis use, and how this differs for adolescents and older adults. It will examine individual differences in response to treatment for cannabis use disorder and barriers to accessing treatment and also explore how changes in legal status might affect mental health outcomes from smoking cannabis.

Submitted on السبت 13th يونيو 2020 - 01:25

PhD Opportunity- Liverpool John Moores University

  • Location: المملكة المتحدة
  • Area of Work: Research
  • Closing date:

How can public support be fostered for controversial, but evidence-based, drug policies that will improve outcomes for stigmatised and marginalised groups?

Project Description

The UK is currently facing some of the highest levels of deaths related to controlled drug use on record. People who use drugs (PWUD) also face other health and social harms related to their drug use, and because of the ways in which society chooses to respond to their drug use. We know that there are interventions and policies that might reduce some of these harms, but despite some promising evidence, these responses may not be implemented, or available to enough people to have an impact. There are many reasons for this, and not all are easy to resolve.
Drug policy and other public health scientists have argued that whilst important, public contribution to policy development and preferences can sometime be tokenistic, and valued only when it is in accordance with the broader political aims of government. Some important public health focused drug policies supported by health professionals and academics can also seem controversial and counter-intuitive to the public, and governments have also used this apparent lack of public support to justify inaction. However, policies that do have public interest and support, and lead to advocacy campaigns are sometimes quickly acted on. A good contrast here is the decision by the UK government to change the law to allow prescription of cannabis-based medicinal products in 2018, but ongoing resistance to change the law to permit the establishment of medically supervised drug consumption facilities in Scotland. 
Some of the reasons why the public may not support particular actions include a lack of familiarity with the aims and evidence underpinning a particular approach, or public attitudes towards PWUD. Public stigma is an important source of social exclusion and determines which policies and practices receive public support. Stigma can also affect the likelihood of PWUD to seek support, and undermine the benefits of treatment, and so this is important to address. We also know that some health and social care professionals can have stigmatising attitudes towards PWUD, and this can affect the level and quality of care provided, and may indirectly affect public opinion. Despite recognition of the importance of stigma on drug-related health and social outcomes, little research has examined techniques that might lead to more inclusive and less stigmatising attitudes towards PWUD. Similarly, although there has been good work in other health fields (e.g. alcohol, tobacco, HIV), there is a lack of work that has examined how public support for controversial, but evidence-based responses to illicit drug use can be fostered. 
We would like to work with a student who is committed to developing a high-quality programme of PhD research that responds to some of these important challenges. The student should generate the research ideas, but based on some of the work we have already done, areas of investigation might include: 


  1. How framing of a) drug issues in public discourse (including the media), b) PWUD, and c) responses to drug use can affect public attitudes towards PWUD and public support for controversial policies. 
  2. How the different ways in which evidence for controversial drug policies is presented can affect public support 
  3. The role of mass media in shaping attitudes towards PWUD. In particular in the development of understanding media responses to drug-related ‘problems’, or in the development of evidence-based resources and training for journalists and other media producers to support their reporting.

This is an exciting and important area of work, with direct relevance to practice and policy. This is likely to be multidisciplinary research, and also presents opportunities to collaborate with professionals and partners outside of University settings. It is likely to appeal to students from a broad range of disciplines, including, but not limited to public health, psychology, sociology, criminology, health sciences, journalism, and marketing/communications. It is important that the prospective student shares our values of respect towards PWUD, and shares our commitment to undertaking research that seeks to support marginalised and stigmatised groups and to reduce health and social inequalities. 

Submitted on الثلاثاء 17th سبتمبر 2019 - 13:23