Argentina Country Profile

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Drug policy

In Argentina, national policies on drugs are planned and executed by the Secretariat for Comprehensive Drug Policies of Argentina (SEDRONAR) and the Ministry of Security of the Nation (MINSEG).

The country adopts several plans, such as the National Drug Demand Reduction Plan 2016-2020, the Argentina without Drug Trafficking Plan 2016-2019 and the National Program for Education and Prevention of Addictions and Drug Abuse.

These plans incorporate the human rights perspective, a gender approach and development with social inclusion; and take into account the United Nations SDGs.

The country has made considerable progress and has the Argentine Observatory on Drugs, with financial, human and technological resources, and conducts priority demand reduction studies.

Treatment and Recovery Services

Argentina has a national system for comprehensive treatment and social integration programs and devices for people with problematic drug use, guaranteeing non-discrimination. 

This system includes early intervention (brief intervention, counselling), crisis intervention, diverse treatment modalities, dual pathology (co-morbidity), social integration and services related to recovery support.

The country has supervisory mechanisms for establishments that offer treatment and rehabilitation services for those with problematic drug use.

Treatment programs and devices take into account the UNODC and the WHO International Standards for the Treatment of Drug Use Disorders. 

  • Argentina has mechanisms to facilitate access and ensure the quality of treatment services, mechanisms to continually monitor and evaluate the results of care, treatment and social integration programs.
  • Argentina has established and maintained cooperative relationships with governmental and non-governmental organisations that provide social and community support services with a gender perspective, for the social integration of vulnerable populations.
  • Argentina has carried out an evaluation at the national, regional and local level to determine the needs in
  • regarding care, treatment and reintegration services.

Prevention Services

With regards to prevention, Argentina aims to establish and/or strengthen integrated systems of universal, selected and indicated prevention programs on drug use, which give priority to vulnerable and at-risk populations and incorporating a human rights, gender, age and multicultural approach.

Argentina implements prevention programs in the following populations:

  • pre-school
  • elementary/primary
  • junior high & high school
  • Pre-primary, primary, and secondary school students, special education students, youth and adults
  • Primary and secondary school students
  • School students Higher (tertiary) level
  • University level
  • Boys/girls
  • Street youths
  • Adults
  • Women
  • LGBTQ+
  • Community
  • Indigenous people
  • Workplace