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Nos complace anunciar nuestro segundo seminario web ISSUP Expert Days.

Los Días de Expertos de ISSUP ofrecen oportunidades para que quienes trabajan en la prevención, el tratamiento y la recuperación del uso de sustancias aprendan y se desarrollen a través de estar en contacto directo con expertos.

Participe en seminarios web, revise seminarios web y entrevistas grabadas, sesiones de preguntas y respuestas y utilice los diversos recursos, herramientas, materiales y documentos para informar su propia práctica.

Días previos de expertos de ISSUP

3-Part Online Motivational Interviewing Course with Dr. Igor Koutsenok MD, MS - June 4, 11 & 18 2020

The Rapidly Changing Composition of the World's Drug Supply and Its Effects on High-Risk for COVID-19 - 26 June & 2 July 2020

Haga clic en los enlaces a continuación para encontrar grabaciones y recursos de los días de expertos de ISSUP anteriores:


Webinar participantsISSUP Kenya on Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Substance Use Disorders: Prevention & Management 

15 May, 2020, Nairobi, Kenya

Brasesco photoDra. María Verónica Brasesco on Substance Use in Children and Adolescents during COVID-19

12 May, 2020, Buenos Aires, Argentina

PhD in Psychology, Researcher and Psychotherapist, Professor of Clinical and Epidemiological Research Methodology in Mental Health and Addictions in Argentina and Uruguay, Professor of Prevention Studies at the University of Salvador in Argentina. She was Professor at the Psychological Clinic of Children and Adolescents at the University of Palermo in Buenos Aires. She was Director of the Argentine Drug Observatory and has led numerous research studies on the consumption of psychoactive substances in children, adolescents and adults.

MIguens photoJuan Manuel Miguens on Families and Substance Use during COVID-19

11 May, 2020, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Psychotherapist. Degree in Psychology, University Expert in Prevention – Social Work Department, Complutense University of Madrid (2007-2008, Master in Non-Profit Organisations Management – Economics Department, Autonomous University of Madrid (2002-2003), Training and Prevention Expert at SEDRONAR since 2012, Master in Prevention and Substance Use Disorders Assistance. USAL Medical School (2016-2018)

Maria Elena RiverosElena Riveros Espiñeira presenting on COVID-19

7 May, 2020, Santiago, Chile

Occupational Therapist at the University of Chile, PhD candidate in Public Health at the University of Chile, Master in Public Health, Diploma in Addictions Studies from the University of Chile, Director of the Occupational Therapy School of the University of the Andes.

Carlos Charme FuentesCarlos Charme Fuentes on Treatment Programmes and Initiatives in Chile

30 April 2020, Santiago, Chile

Carlos Charme Fuentes on Prevention Programmes and Initiatives in Chile

28 April 2020, Santiago, Chile

Director of the National Service for the Prevention and Rehabilitation of Drug and Alcohol Consumption (SENDA), Chile
Experience in developing and implementing public policies related to crime prevention, citizen security and social programmes.
Served as Executive Secretary of the Security Commission under President Sebastián Piñera in matters of public security and focused on substance use disorders prevention.

Vivienne Evans photoVivienne Evans OBE on Supporting the Families of Substance Users

24 April 2020, London, United Kingdom

Vivienne Evans OBE is an ISSUP Board member and Chief Executive of Adfam - the UK’s national umbrella organisation for children and families affected by substance misuse. Vivienne has extensive background experience in drug and alcohol education, prevention and working with young people. In this live Q&A event, Vivienne joined the ISSUP team to discuss how practitioners can offer effective support to enable families to improve their health and wellbeing, stay in work, participate in society and build and maintain positive relationships.

N.Poliansky photo

Nicolás Poliansky

22 April 2020, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Psychologist. Researcher - PhD in Health Sciences – The University Institute of Health Sciences ‘Fundación Barceló’ Master Trainer (in training) of the Colombo Plan, Drug Advisory Programme (DAP), CHILD Programme, Director, Fundación Convivir: Mental Health and Addictions Centre Associate Professor of Community Psychology – The University of the Argentine Social Museum (UMSA). Professor of Addiction Clinic – The University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Vice President of the Chapter "Risk and harm reduction strategies in the comprehensive approach to consumption" of the Argentine Association of Mental Health (AASM).

Dr. Carlos Ibáñez

Dr. Carlos Ibáñez on taking care of your mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic

7 April 2020, Santiago, Chile

Dr. Carlos Ibáñez is a medical doctor with a specialization in psychiatry and a PhD in Science. He is Professor at the Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health of the University of Chile and the Head of the Addiction Unit of the same department. He has served as advisor and expert in both national and international agencies (WHO, PAHO and UNODC) in the substance use disorders field. He leads the team of the University of Chile that is coordinating and studying the implementation of the Planet Youth pilot project in Chile.

Ivan Munoz

Dr. Iván Muñoz on remote mental health care

9 April 2020, Santiago, Chile

Psychologist, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Director of Fundación Paréntesis. Teacher and trainer in mental health issues and substance use prevention. Has developed and managed prevention programmes for a number of organisations. Diploma in Treatment and Recovery in Adolescent Substance Users from the University of Chile. Diploma in Management and Administration of Healthcare Institutions.

Viviana Guajardo Tobar photo

Dr. Viviana Guajardo Tobar on telehealth and telemedicine

14 April 2020, Santiago, Chile

Psychiatrist, University of Chile. Doctor in Public Health and Master in Epidemiology. Head of the Community Psychiatry Unit of the University Psychiatric Clinic of the University of Chile. In charge of research and teaching at El Pino Hospital. Viviana has participated in several research projects in primary care and the school population, postpartum depression and telepsychiatry. She is a member of the pilot project for the implementation of the Planet Youth model in Chile.

Ken Winters photo

Ken C. Winters on Adolescent Brain development

Ken C. Winters, Ph.D. is a Senior Scientist at the Oregon Research Institute (MN location) and Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Psychology, University of Minnesota. Dr. Winters retired as a Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Minnesota, where he founded and directed the Center for Adolescent Substance Abuse Research for 25 years. Along with Kevin Sabet, he co-edited Contemporary Health Issues on Marijuana, published in 2018 by Oxford University Press. Dr. Winters has received numerous research grants from the National Institute of Health and various foundations and has published over 135 peer-reviewed articles during a 30+ year period.

Cary Hopkins Eyles photoCary Hopkins Eyles on Authentic Self-Care for Addiction Professionals

Cary has worked in the field of substance use disorders for 18 years. She is passionate about helping professionals in this field to take care of themselves so they can thrive and help those in need. Cary has worked in direct care in non-profit in the U.S., has run Residential, Outpatient, and Criminal Justice treatment programs, and has trained and mentored other substance use professionals. She is now the Deputy Director for the International Consortium of Universities for Drug Demand Reduction (ICUDDR) and supports the development of addiction studies programs around the world. She is a global trainer in the Universal Treatment Curriculum (UTC).