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ISSUP supports the professional development of those working within substance use prevention, treatment and recovery. Here you will find information about available positions in the field from around the globe. We welcome ISSUP members to share advertisements for current vacancies in this category. Log in and post your job to the ISSUP job board.

Research Fellow- University of Stirling

  • Location: Reino Unido
  • Area of Work: Research
  • Closing date:

The University of Stirling are looking to appoint an enthusiastic and highly motivated Research Fellow to work on a Chief Scientist Office funded study entitled “Developing an Intervention to Manage Benzodiazepine Dependence and High-Risk Use in the Context of Escalating Drug Related Deaths: A feasibility study”.

We are seeking an experienced Research Fellow to play a key role in the project team and be able to lead some elements of the work independently. The Fellow will be centrally involved in all aspects of the study from intervention development; building and maintaining good relationships and ongoing communication with all project sites; qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis; management of study advisory groups; management of study budget; and write up and dissemination of findings. The successful candidate will ideally have a PhD level degree and experience of health service research. Excellent planning and organisational skills and communication skills are vital.

Submitted on Martes, Marzo 2, 2021 - 20:21

Research Assistant

  • Location: Estados Unidos
  • Area of Work: Research
  • Closing date:

This Research Assistant (RA) will support an NIH-funded study to develop and pilot test a novel smartphone application to reduce marijuana and other substance use among juvenile court-involved, non-incarcerated adolescents. Activities include participant recruitment and retention; data collection, entry, and organization; managing participant payments; programming online surveys.

The RA will be required to travel off-site to complete in-person activities with participants, including at the Rhode Island Family Court (roughly 0.5 miles from the School of Public Health).

The RA is expected to collaborate with project staff to generate and maintain data directories and other project documentation, conduct literature reviews as needed, and assemble materials for IRB modifications and progress reports.

RA’s are expected to work with several different populations, including adolescents involved in the juvenile justice system and their caregivers or legal guardians, as well as low-income and diverse populations. This job requires flexibility with regards to scheduling, in order to accommodate adolescent availability (i.e., must be willing to work some afternoons/early evenings on a weekly basis).


Submitted on Martes, Marzo 2, 2021 - 15:52

Learning and Development Manager

  • Location: Reino Unido
  • Area of Work: Programme Delivery
  • Closing date:

Alcohol Focus Scotland (AFS) is Scotland’s national alcohol charity, committed to preventing and reducing harm to individuals, families, communities and Scotland as a whole. 

AFS is looking for a motivated leader to shape innovative and diverse learning and development opportunities that make a real difference.  You will lead the development and implementation of a new learning and development strategy, creating innovative solutions and new markets for learning and development and promoting the long-term sustainability of the organisation through income generation.


Submitted on Martes, Marzo 2, 2021 - 10:21

Researcher- Glasgow Caledonian University

  • Location: Reino Unido
  • Area of Work: Research
  • Closing date:

GCU are looking for an enthusiastic qualitative researcher to work on an exciting project exploring the impact of later opening hours for clubs and pubs in Glasgow and Aberdeen, and the future of the night-time economy post-Covid (funded by NIHR).

You will work in close collaboration with, and under the supervision of, Professor Carol Emslie, who leads Glasgow Caledonian University’s (GCU) Substance Use research group (

Your responsibilities will include developing interview schedules, collating information from social media, recruiting respondents, conducting qualitative interviews and focus groups, analysing qualitative data and contributing to presentations, reports and papers.  Specifically, you will facilitate (with support from senior qualitative researchers) data collection with the public about their vision for the future of the night-time economy (either through Citizens’ juries or deliberative focus groups) and conduct interviews with bar/club staff.


Submitted on Martes, Marzo 2, 2021 - 09:48

Junior Researcher- Ghent University

  • Location: Bélgica
  • Area of Work: Research
  • Closing date:

This vacancy concerns a job as a junior researcher (50%) for an EU-funded project on “Further Enhancing the Implementation of Quality Standards in drug demand reduction in the EU” (FENIQS-EU). A brief summary of the project proposal is provided below:

Quality standards (QS) were a central priority in the EU Drug Strategy 2013-2020 to improve the quality of drug services and to bridge the gap between science and practice. Yet, the extent and ways in which QS are implemented in daily practices of drug prevention, treatment and harm reduction in the EU vary substantially. Some countries have successfully implemented QS and there is a clear need to understand what transferable lessons can be learned from available 'good practices' which can guide the implementation of QS in different contexts across the EU. 

The general objective of this action is to enhance the implementation of QS in drug prevention, treatment and harm reduction throughout the EU, with more services, organizations and countries applying QS in daily practice. The project will focus on the actual application of QS in all EU countries and factors stimulating implementation. By identifying good practice examples and successful implementation strategies, key stakeholders (e.g. policymakers, service providers and users) will have access to do's and don'ts for implementing QS in various areas of drug demand reduction. A key activity will be the organization of a 2-day QS event in Lisbon, eventually resulting in consensus around core implementation strategies. The main output of this action will be a field-tested implementation toolkit, providing step-by-step guidance for individuals and organizations interested to implement QS. Training sessions, webinars and a video tutorial will support the introduction of the toolkit. 

Country representatives and civil society organizations will be involved throughout the project to maximize stakeholders' abilities to share good practices and to implement project recommendations in daily practice and at the local level. Project partners are three academic partners (based in Belgium, Croatia and the Czech Republic) and four pan-European networks (IREFREA, Correlation C-EHRN, Euro-TC, EUFAS), covering all EU member states and DDR areas.

Submitted on Miércoles, Febrero 24, 2021 - 12:18

Oportunidades de becas basadas en proyectos de la Universidad La Trobe

  • Location:
  • Area of Work: Research
  • Closing date:

El Centro para la Política e Investigación del Alcohol está ansioso por trabajar con estudiantes de Honores, Másteres o Doctorados interesados en cualquier tema relacionado con el consumo de alcohol y los daños, políticas o culturas bebidas. Podemos trabajar con personas que trabajan en una amplia gama de disciplinas, incluyendo:

Proyectos de doctorado actuales:

  • Los adolescentes beben menos: Un examen de los factores que configuran los últimos acontecimientos en las culturas de la bebida juvenil (componente cualitativo)
  • Consumo de alcohol y el papel de las influencias interpersonales y domésticas dentro de los hogares australianos
  • Los adolescentes beben menos: Un examen de los factores que dan forma a los últimos acontecimientos en las culturas de la bebida juvenil (componente cuantitativo)
  • Validación de la tecnología de medición de alcohol transdérmico
  • Actitud hacia los no bebedores en Australia y la relación con el consumo problemático de alcohol
Submitted on Jueves, Diciembre 3, 2020 - 09:26