Philippines Country Profile

Flag of Philippines Country Profile

Drug policy

  • There is a government unit responsible for the treatment of both drug and alcohol misuse
  • There is only a government unit responsible for prevention of drug use
  • There is a government budget for prevention and treatment of drug use but not alcohol
  • Five pillars of action:
    1. drug supply reduction
    2. drug demand reduction
    3. alternative development
    4. civic awareness and response
    5. regional and international cooperation

Treatment and Recovery Services

  • The Philippine government aim to continually monitor trends in treatment and rehabilitation to improve evidence based practice.
  • Multidisciplinary teams work with individuals with SUD
  • Therapeutic community approach
  • Hazelden- Minnesota Model (addiction is a disease)
  • Spiritual approach uses the bible as the primary source to implement change. It views drug addiction as a sin and encourages the patients to turn away from it and renew their relationships with the Lord.
  • Eclectic approach applying holistic model in rehabilitation programme.
  • Piloted Recovery Clinics in six communities, that admitted patients on a voluntary basis.

Prevention Services

  • Dismantling laboratories, drug storage facilities and cannabis growing facilities
  • Online training program to expand access to information about establishing drug-free workplaces.
  • Seminars and educational sessions aimed at improving the knowledge of drug abuse among students.
  • Training programmes to reduce demand
  • Direct work with NGOs to develop seminars for teachers to educate about how to mentor students to pursue a drug free lifestyle.