How to register for a Universal Curriculum online course

Thank you for your interest in the Universal Curriculum!

First: to participate in a Universal Curriculum course you need to be a member of ISSUP. Therefore, before registering please become a member of ISSUP, or log in.

There are two ways to enrol in the available courses:

Closed courses:  Many of the Universal Curriculum courses are funded by a central source (eg the government) that has specific assistants required. These courses will not be advertised to the public visiting the ISSUP website. Instead, the Training Provider hosting the course will share a private URL for the required attendees. These attendees can follow the link for information about the course and follow the instructions to enroll. Please make sure to become a member or log in to ISSUP first.

Open courses: These are courses organized by the Training Providers and open for anyone to register. If courses are available, they will be listed on these web pages as they become available. Each course will have a link to register. Be sure to become a member or log in to ISSUP first.

  1. To register: Click on the private URL your Training Provider sent you.
  2. Click the link to register from the course information list.
  3. Become an ISSUP member or log in.
  4. Create your password or log in to the training platform (
  5. Join the course.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: training [at] issup [dot] net

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