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The International Society of Substance Use Prevention and Treatment Professionals (ISSUP) is a global, not for profit, non-governmental professional membership network that connects, unites, and provides knowledge to the global substance use prevention, treatment, and recovery support workforce.

ISSUP Kenya was the first chapter to be formally established as an ISSUP National Chapter in Africa in 2018. The Chapter is duly registered as a professional society in accordance with the laws of Kenya.

ISSUP Kenya seeks to be the focal point for information and networking for all professionals and aspiring professionals working in the field of drug demand reduction and harm reduction.

Our vision is to have a connected, trained, knowledgeable, and effective national network of substance use prevention, treatment and recovery professionals undertaking and promoting high-quality, evidence based, and ethical substance use prevention, treatment and recovery support.

Dr Pamela Kaithuru - Director ISSUP Kenya
Dr Pamela Kaithuru, Director, ISSUP Kenya

Our mission is to establish Substance Use prevention, treatment and recovery support as a unique and multidisciplinary field through the professionalization, capacity enhancement and skills development of a network of substance use prevention, treatment and recovery professionals.


Alcohol and drug abuse remains a major challenge to the socio-economic development of Kenya. Like the rest of the World, Kenya recognizes alcohol and drug abuse (ADA) as a major threat to life and national development. It is confronted with growing problem of alcohol and drug abuse cutting across all sectors of the economy. There is an increase in the abuse of emerging drugs especially synthetic drugs and prescription drugs for non-medical purposes.

Successive surveys indicate there are growing incidences of underage drinking and substance use putting young minds at the risk of mental illness. The prevalence of the abuse of psychoactive substances is also high in the workplace as presented by research surveys conducted in both the public and private sectors. Emerging trends of uncontrolled online sale of alcohol leading to abuse by children below eighteen years have also been noted. There is a growing problem of addiction-related disorders compounded by the inadequate treatment and rehabilitation facilities.

The importance of professional services is key to address complex effects of alcohol and drug misuse that include mental illnesses, family conflicts, drug-related crimes, suicide, poor academic performance and indiscipline in schools, school dropouts, low productivity at workplaces among others.

What are our objectives?

More specifically the objectives of ISSUP Kenya are:

  1. To provide a forum where substance use prevention, treatment and recovery professionals can interact and collaborate. 
  2. To share knowledge on substance use with the membership of ISSUP internationally and the region and Kenya specifically. 
  3. To share information on substance use research. 
  4. To provide training opportunities and offer credentials to individuals who want to learn more about substance use disorders and drug demand reduction. 
  5. To organize events relating to the work and focus of International Society of Substance Use Prevention (ISSUP). 
  6. In its work and practice, the society is to be non-political.

ISSUP Kenya is a unique contributor to the field of drug demand reduction and aims to make a major contribution nationally, regionally and internationally to promote evidence-based, high quality and ethical substance use prevention, treatment and recovery. It aims to be a major player in the international family and community seeking to promote and support a professional workforce to address a major issue of national and international importance.


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