Kenya Country Profile

Flag of Kenya Country Profile
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Drug policy

  • Kenya has adopted a ‘war on drugs’ .
  • Severe prison sentences for possession or trafficking of illicit drugs
  • With U.S. support, the Community of Anti-Drug Coalitions of America has worked with Kenyan leaders from national, regional and municipal governments and a broad range of society to develop strategies that prevent drug use and reduce crime and violence.

Treatment Services

  • Addiction treatment and rehabilitation in Kenya is largely provided by the private sector and NGOs
  • There are few treatment and rehabilitation centres and are expensive for the majority of Kenyans.
  • treatment services and opportunities may include detoxification, substitution or maintenance therapy and/or psychosocial therapies and counselling.

Prevention Services

  • Monitor trends in national and international drug trafficking, production, sale and consumption
  • In terms of harm reduction, there are Needle and syringe exchange services