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ISSUP Turkiye is under the supervision of the Addiction Psychiatry Foundation (BPV). BPV’s predecessor Addiction Psychiatry Association (BPD) was the first and only Turkish association in the field of addiction psychiatry and it had been established in 1998, it consisted of diverse set of healthcare professionals working in the field. In 2023 after the conversion to a foundation, our team decided to follow a more international route and to strengthen our ties with our colleagues all around the world.

As the Addiction Psychiatry Foundation, our mission is to:

  • Create a society that adopts a healthy lifestyle by combating addiction,
  • Provide leadership in the struggle against addiction across both national and global arenas,
  • Conduct research related to addiction,
  • Raise awareness in society,
  • Guide activities to be carried out in the areas of addiction prevention, early diagnosis and treatment, and rehabilitation,
  • Enhance the competence of professionals, who will work in this field,
  • Generate evidence-based, up-to-date, and accessible source materials,
  • Be present in individuals' lives and take a leading role in the overcoming the hurdles of addictive disorders.
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