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ISSUP Togo’s Vision

A trained, skilled, and united knowledgeable and effective national network of substance use prevention, treatment, recovery and research professionals undertaking and promoting high quality evidence-based substance use prevention, treatment, recovery through their practice and policies.


Our mission is to facilitate and develop a multidisciplinary network of professionals and allied professionals in the field of substance use prevention, treatment, recovery and policy for evidence-based, high quality and ethical practices.

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the organization are to:

  1. Support and build capacity of substance use research, prevention, treatment and recovery professionals for effective and efficient service delivery.
  2. Collaborate, build positive relationship with government, local and international organizations towards effective drug control in Togo.
  3. Promote and support professional information sharing, evidence-based, high quality, ethical policy and practice in substance use prevention, treatment and recovery.
  4. Provide the potential for contributions towards substance use prevention, treatment and recovery by engaging local communities and allied professionals to address specific drug issues within an environment.
  5. Do such acts and things as may be necessary and or incidental to the aforesaid aims and objectives and as may be agreed to be taken up by the governing board from time to time.


ISSUP Togo Chapter is governed by (17) member national Executive Council with the executive as the head. The Executive Council is under the supervision of the Board of Trustees for checks and balances. The Executive Council is responsible for the day to day activities and decision making for the association. Each executive member is assigned specific responsibilities. The team cut across different disciplines and areas of operation. The offices include regional coordinators representing each of the six (6) health regions in Togo.

The Executive Council and Members Board of Trustees of ISSUP Togo Chapter:

The Executive Council Members:

  1. Mr Bohm, Mawouéna K., Executive Director
  2. Dr. Wenkourama Damega, Deputy Executive Director
  3. Dr. (Mrs) Salifou- Ouro- Sama Tani Rissikatou, - General Secretary
  4. Mr Tsakpi Mandasso - Assistant General Secretary
  5. (Mrs) Leni, Goupougouni, Financial Secretary
  6. (Mr) Zinzina, Safiou Malnéré, Assistant Financial Secretary
  7. ( Mr) Yenkey, Komlan, Diaspora Liaison
  8. Dr (Mr)  Salifou S,  Advisor 
  9. Dr Houessou – Agbo, Mensan K, A - Publicity Secretary/Mobilisation
  10. Mr. Natongou Midlman - Assistant Publicity Secretary/Mobilisation

Board of Trustees:

  1. (Mr) Amayi, Kossi B. - President of the Board
  2. (Mr) Prof Dassa, - Vice – President of the Board, Financial Secretary
  3. (Mr) Dr Soedje A. M. - General Secretary
  4. (Mrs) Agbobli Afiwa, - Financial Secretary
  5. (Mr) Prof Belo M. - General Advisor
  6. A Legal Advisor (2)
  7. National Auditor
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